Jaesa Wilsaam Is Better Than Quinn — 2 Comments

  1. Dark Side will always be better, for everything, ever, except Mass Effect where “Renegade” just means “Asshole”.

    Now give me all your credits and jump into the central pit.

  2. I may be odd in that I like the SWTOR stories but in some ways prefer to know some of the big picture story elements. Knowing that the choice with Jaesa was coming was a big part of why I chose Sith Warrior, as it seems very lore appropriate and I was not disappointed (though Chapter 2 has been underwhelming to date).

    My Warrior is male, somewhat mixed alignment (it’s remarkable to me how Lawful Evil doesn’t seem to be a choice for the Warrior, if you don’t want LS points you must murder brutally for no good reason), and actually turned down the romance arc with poor Vette because I didn’t feel like repairing my affection with her just to get the legacy unlock. Part of me is tempted to go in exactly the opposite direction, with a Warrior who compulsively takes the LS option, romances Vette, and keeps Jaesa good.

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