Relaxed Jumpsuit Around The Fleet — 9 Comments

  1. I got the relaxed jumpsuit outfit on my newest little Consular and I gotta say … lovin’ the look. Gives her sass! Makes the full dark side choices I’m making a lot easier to do, since she’s got such snark.

    • That shirt can look good with the right outfit, but it can also be the biggest fashion snafu ever. It does look like someone woke you out of bed to go bust some heads.

  2. I have to confess that this is the first “skimpy” outfit that I don’t mind. My Scoundrel wears it with the miniskirt as well (she prefers boots over going barefoot though).

    • I really like the boots that go with that outfit. They are already plain black, which gives you options with shirts that colormatch poorly.

  3. I’m comparatively happy with it. It’s an overtly sexy/attractive look, but one based (IMHO) on *power*, not vulnerability. I might try it out on my body type 3 female Sentinel with some big chunky gauntlets. She already has the appropriate earrings.

    • I thought they might be the gree gloves, but I’m not sure if the glowy part would change color with match-to-chest based on the color of the outfit (in this case, red)

      With that outfit in particular, the belt is hard to see, and I suspect that if it has loops, they clip under the jacket. I would recommend a classic phantom belt with something like that.

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