Sentinel Builds for 2.0: Initial Thoughts — 3 Comments

      • I’m dirty? 🙁

        Yep, I remember having a tendency to read the effects of putting 1 of 2 points in a skill in something and getting confused, so now when I ever talk about it, just to make sure I use one of them fancy online skill calcs everybody uses and put ALL the points in before I refer to numbers 😀

        I’m sure the Contemplation thing shouldn’t be too hard to coordinate if you use a voice server… I was the eighth person picked up for an otherwise guild run of Scum and Villainy on the PTS (therefore I had text only and was left out of all discussion :D) and I only got cut off (or the Centering/Fury stacks fell off) only leik 1/4 of the time

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