Server Economy For Fashion Post Mega-Merges — 5 Comments

  1. As a fellow server merge survivor from Juyo, I was also bummed to return to swtor after my hiatus to find absolutely no market for my wares on the gtn and astronomical prices for the few remaining synthweaving schematics I need to complete my collection.

  2. I couldn’t agree with anything more! I was so disgusted when we moved from Canderous to Jedi Covenant and lost the wonderful market we had for selling our crafted wares. I went from selling lowbie orange bracers for 50k each down to 15k IF they sold at all. The market on Covenant is just so oversaturated w/ people selling stuff for way to cheap. Add to that the fact as an Armormech/Synthweaver we have nothing useful to sell for Endgame stuff. No large price items that we can sell for outrageous amounts like – Armorings, Mods, Barrels, etc…

    The few endgame worthy items we can craft are either bind on pickup or limited to just Exo Belts & Bracers. Which of course take the least amount of Comms or hardmode runs to get. Players can run Operations and get mods in which they can reverse engineer and sell. Why can’t we get SOMETHING that will sell. Honestly to me it never made sense that Armoring mods weren’t made by Armormech. BW could change this and let Armormechs make Cunning/Aim Armorings and Synthweavers the Willpower/Strength ones and I would be happy.

    /end rant. Now back to your normally scheduled work.

  3. The prices have fallen through the floor on my server (Ebon Hawk) and you find more and more people selling things for the GTN suggested (ungodly low) prices.

  4. Here is an idea – put recipes for some awesome exclusive armor on the Cartel Market. That way, they make some real world cash but give enterprising crafters and opportunity to make some money.

    • I’m not really a fan of having to spend real world cash to make fashion crafting relevant again. Everything seems to be going through the cartel market and it makes me nervous.

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