Server Transfers: From Ghost Town To Impersonal Crowd — 23 Comments

  1. Yeah, that sounds about right. I’d be sad to have to turn off general chat too.

    I have to admit I actually cracked up a little though when I spotted a thread on the official forums where people complained that it was impossible to do the Black Hole dailies with 50 people in the zone at once.

  2. Yep, I also turned off General chat last night, especially once the trolling and idiocy looked like it was starting to outweigh the legitimate general conversations. I’m not really looking forward to having to wait for item/enemy spawns in daily areas the next time I want some daily commendations, and I’m now really looking forward to having a real GTN on my ship so that I can just live on the ship instead of the Fleet once patch 1.3 goes live.

    I suppose we’ll see the upside of all this when the group finder is in place (assuming I ever have any desire to use it), but with the combination of these huge crowds and the poor spin that Bioware put on this process (these are server merges, NOT “optional free server transfers”) I can’t say that I’m very happy with the outcome right now.

  3. You are your guild should put on a nostalgic virtual production of Our Town on the fleet. It’s perfect for swtor because props and sets are supposed to be kept to a minimum.

    • I think you miss my point. I agreed that our server needed more people, or needed to be merged with another similar server. I don’t want to go BACK to the way things were. But the DEGREE to which the population was boosted seems excessive and not conducive to a friendly population.

      I can’t really tell if you were being sarcastic and rude up there, but it certainly reads that way from my end.

      • Whoa, sorry to upset you! I am sympathetic to your view on the move. I really enjoyed your small town/small city/big city metaphor and I thought the image I shared was semi-related and funny. I wasn’t trying to be rude!

          • No it’s cool. My wife tells me I need to use emoticons and exclamation points to sound friendlier on the internet, lol. I mean 😛 !!!!!

          • If you put LOL at the end of a sentence it’s like a jedi mind trick, no matter what you put before the LOL. This is science.

  4. I made myself a guild chat and a tells tab last night and am the happier for it. 🙂

    I’ve found I have gotten more tells and tweets from folks I have run into on the newly consolidated servers so am hopeful it means more fun peeps to do things with. *hugs*

    • Yeah I definitely made some extra tabs, it was totally necessary. I’m excited about a higher population. I’m just worried that the MUCH higher population might be overkill.

  5. Just wanted to say welcome to Canderous Ordo!! Glad to have you all. Yeah it was a little overwhelming last night w/ all the general chat. I made sure to create a couple of custom windows for what I really need. And sent several folks to the black hole that is my /Ignore box. At least now next time I mention BSOCK in chat there will be someone who already knows what I’m talking about!! 😉

    • See you on Canderous Ordo! I have taken the renaming opportunity to get rid of any apostrophes in my toons’ names so my main is just plain Njessi. Thankfully we got the same guild name (The Snark Side) so we’re almost set back up.

  6. Fleetchat was pretty bad yesterday evening. A planned roleplaying event had to be moved to another location because of the chat being an unwieldy mess. I cannot wait for the day BW implements chatbubbles.
    I think things will improve – at the moment I have the feeling that everyone and their dog is logging in just because. The crowd will spread out and then chat will become a bit less headache inducing again.

    I can only speak for my own server (The Progenitor), but community-wise, the current atmosphere is great. Everybody wants to get to know everybody else. Even the obvious trolls seem to behave themselves.

    • Having been on bigger servers with RP events before, have you considered a private channel for the participants to join? Kinda like raids have the healer channel… the functionality DOES exist, it’s just not advertised much.

      • I didn’t even know the possibility exists. I’ll bring it up next time our group meets. My only fear with private channels is that it makes our group seem cliqueish and unapproachable.

  7. I know it sounds silly to say, but I almost miss the laid-back community on Shien … I feel like a farm boy being thrust into the middle of a bustling city. Now, that being said, I’ll take too much population over no population any day of the damn week.

    I do find it hilarious to see the “OUR SERVERS ARE DEAD” posts on the forums replaced by “ADD MORE SERVERS ITS TOO CROWDED” posts. Makes me chortle.

    • Well I feel the same way – like we could have used more people, sure, but we weren’t DYING by any stretch. In fact, some of our new recruits who had joined a few weeks ago from other servers had remarked just how LIVELY Juyo was.

      Re: farm boy. I turned off general chat right after some moron was saying that the people from “back woods servers” were underpricing things and effing up their economy. Real welcoming, eh?

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  9. *hugs* haven’t seen you around on the fleet post-server move. But with multiple instances of the fleet I guess that is to be expected…

    PS I gave this post a shout out on the podcast last week, as per pingback below. <3

    • I saw! Thanks for the shout!

      Well as luck would have it, the server transfers were implemented a few days before my momma was supposed to come visit, which only added to my stress of getting All The Stuff Done before she got here. Even so, I had to go HOLD ON WE GOT OUR BANK BACK, MUST FIX, which got me some strange looks.

      The reason you haven’t seen me on the fleet is I haven’t BEEN on the fleet! I have been mostly out of game since the transfer and don’t plan to be back until Wednesday. But I have logged on to send out the idiots for supplies so I can hit the ground running when “Patch 1.3: Fashion” I mean “Patch 1.3: Allies” hits.

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