Crafting Becoming Self-Supporting — 3 Comments

  1. Nice. I’ve actually been working myself into the poor house the last few days while crafting. Gotta level armormech so I can make the Rakata belt/bracers for that op who’s 40 right? And then I might as well make boots, bracers, belts, and barrels for my lowbie funslinger and a guildie of the same class. And you and your augment talk, plus a recent return to tanking, has me working on mk 6 augment slots for my columi tank set. I have had some luck selling things I didn’t expect to on the GTN. Who knew that crafted non-orange gear sold? You apparently. Keep up the good blogging.

  2. These are pretty nice tips. For me, crafting is still a money sink. As a biochem, I suppose I should make stims and such, as those will be what raiders will be looking for. It’s pretty easy to barter for better implants than I can craft (although some might want to buy the crafted ones for their companions).

    • I suspect that biochem will be profitable until the end of time, unless there’s some jackass who is cornering the market with low prices. People will always need stims to raid.

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