I Am Thankful I Did Not Wear This — 6 Comments

  1. What kind of office are you supposed to wear those to? Nevermind don’t answer that. When are you going to do a blog post on the GOOD outfits you’ve seen? I keep waiting for it 🙂

  2. Ok, the twi’lek twins are a nightmare – what the hell is up with that? Second, why the bikini bottoms/giant freakin’ hat look? That’s not sexy, it just looks like she forgot to put on pants.

    Also – have any of you rerolled recently? The starter planets are a nightmare of trolls and stupid. Ran into a guy named “thegestapo’ on korriban. Blerg.

      • Report indeed, while playing the other day I saw a guy who had named his character Boob… Come on now? Really? Reported but they do advise that you shall get no update to the action taken… I say send them off to be Hutts slaves on some backwater planet.

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