Do Not Wear This — 7 Comments

    • When I get enough screenies, maybe I should do a “bad fashion” gallery. Like on the day after Oscars when Lady Gaga showed up wearing 3 strategically-placed teacups.

    • I’d probably be less annoyed by the bikinis if there were a male version, at least that would be FAIR. What irritates me the most is that the top is connected to the little skirt-flaps, so people who try to wear a bikini top always end up with these ridiculous skirt flaps on top of whatever skirt/pants they are wearing, and they are ok with that, I guess. It looks really DUMB.

    • I am more tolerant of some combinations than others:

      – I don’t want to see Miraluka or purebloods as anything other than force-sensitive. I’m fine with seeing ANY race as force sensitive because hey, it’s totally possible. Even for those lousy chiss.
      – Smugglers and Bounty hunters can be just about any species (except miraluka or pureblood) without it being “weird” because they’re freelancers.
      – I just don’t see the Republic army being totally cool with a chiss or rattatouille trooper.
      – I don’t see how Imperial intelligence is going to let some weirdass alien (Mirialan, Twi) become an agent – or that a weirdass alien would ever WANT to. The Imps are already dicks to alien species who are PART of their stupid empire.
      – Because the Sith Inquis is a former slave, that opens it up to just about any species.
      – Restricting cyborgs doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Anyone can lose an eye and need a replacement, even a stupid jedi. *cough Luke*

      Those are my “rules”. Carry on.

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