Server Consolidation That Still Totally Isn’t A Merger — 14 Comments

  1. Well, this does explain why they didn’t want to open up paid transfers until after this consolidation down to 7(?) servers…I am still on 3 servers at this point. Ha!

  2. So now, there will be even more instances for the Fleet, and probably multiple instances for some zones at prime time. No big deal, except for the fact that it takes about five minutes to switch from one instance to the other.

    The more I think about it, the ridiculous load screens and travel times are one of the biggest downfalls for this game.

  3. Best. Rant. Ever. 😀

    I did email CS to ask to get my character renamed as I’ve come to dislike my second-choice name intensely and have decided I’d rather go for an accented version of my original name. No dice – which is a pain. So all that’s left is for me to find a friendly player to report my name as being astoundingly offensive in Esperanto or something.

    Communication was diabolical though – I suspect a lot of old SWG players are feeling a little twitchy right about now.

    • “I suspect a lot of old SWG players are feeling a little twitchy right about now.”

      Yes. So much. I’m half expecting an NGE to come down the pipes where they “streamline” by getting rid of our companions just like they got rid of creature handler pets. We will also have 2 classes: “Jedi” and “not-jedi” without skill trees whatsoever. That’s awesome, right?

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  5. eww.. didn’t realize they screwed with the arrangement again. I’m sorry! That really sucks that you lost your name and then didn’t get a chance to re-pick again later on. They really should have given a bit more warning about that.

    • I actually did not lose any name, mostly because my toons are named fairly obscure things. But there are several people I know who did. And those people don’t have blogs, so it’s only fair that I use my blog to draw attention to that name thing… which is kinda bullshit.

      • Oh okay! I thought you were explaining what actually h appened. I need to learn to read better! I see now that it was an example! That really sucks though. I’m sorry about your friends losing names!

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