Scavenger Hunting. FYI, I Fail. — 5 Comments

  1. Apparently you’ve never gone after the Datacron that’s up those crates. ;o For the record those jumps are easier ones – from that top box you have to jump to the pipes and then up over the wall.

    I’m enjoying the event for the most part. Though not nearly as much as the Rak event. The story is the best part of it IMO. I loved the cutscenes while following the Bounty Hunter! Those fights for the Rep/Emp quests though are too hard!! My 50 is the only one that could do it without help. Both of my 32-35 level characters had to have help. 🙁 And yes I was killing the guards first. I read to Dulfy too.

  2. I was not playing when the Rakghoul event came around, so I was glad to join in this one! And I’m happy to see how revitalizing it’s been, too. The Shadowlands is fairly high pop already, but it’s rare to see multiple instances of Nar Shaddaa or Coruscant.

    (Some silly person on Nar Shaddaa asked in General, “Is anyone doing the Grand Acquisitions Race?” to which someone replied, “Nope, no one. There are just six instances of Nar Shaddaa because we all got really nostalgic at once.”)

    You’ll be amused to know I thought of you when I was doing that jumping puzzle, as we both apparently lack the platformer gene. I groaned to my husband, “Ohgawd, do we have to Super Mario?” “Only a little Super Mario,” he says. It took me, maybe five tries to get up there? Better than usual, for me.

    Do you recall if they added the “clues” to the Upper Promenade on N.S. just last night? I swear I didn’t see them the first night… then I went to Coruscant last night and found them there, and it seemed so obvious…

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