Clinging To My Towel For Dear Life — 4 Comments

  1. This a huge quality of life and game systems patch. You’re totally boned if you’re going to try to do all the things. ALL THE THINGS.

    But we know you’ll do it anyways.


  2. I will make a radical suggestion – people try to find low level bracers and belts that they like, regardless of whether or not they are truly set matches. My guess is it will cost far less to proc an augmented bracer or belt using level 2 materials than it would to create an augment kit for a higher-level piece (or proc a high-level piece).

    • Yes but proccing an augment slot on a low-level item will still be.. a low level slot that will need to be upgraded with an augment kit ANYWAY to receive lvl 49+ augments. I don’t see any way around using a crapton of augment kits.

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