A Tale of Four Hats — 7 Comments

  1. I’m the same way. I even have a nice little checklist that I use to keep track of what I have and what I don’t have. I had my 50 copied to the PTS and last week started running UT missions and man did the schemes fall like crazy. Belts, Bracers, Boots, etc… At an impressive rate as well. Seemed like I was getting schematics 1/10 ratio. So in prep for 1.3 on my main server I’ve just started hoarding credits and mats to prepare.

    The other day on PTS I was crafting the orange bracers for the level 15 BH set and crit crafted 3 sets. I was thrilled. Sold them for a modest 50k each. Can’t wait for 1.3!!

    • I hate having to spreadsheet but… I wish the tooltips on the schematics said whether you already have the schematic or not (like in wow). It would make auction house browsing so much easier! I have given up on keeping track of and acquiring blue recipes.

      So for now it’s a spreadsheet which is programmed to have the box turn red for “n” no, and green for “y”. It’s easy to scan all color coded.

      I am psyched about the belts especially – because a lot of the smuggler belts have this weird butt clipping thing, and hopefully there will be at least ONE normal belt in the bunch that does not have that weird butt clipping strap looped down.

  2. I’m nowhere near as dedicated as you; I just reverse-engineered green implants until I had discovered all the blue versions. Going through all the blues to discover all the purples was a bit too daunting for me.

    As far as orange gear goes, I would almost consider it a public service to accumulate that many recipes, especially for hats. With no option to turn off helmets on companions, some of them really need orange gear more than the actual player characters.

    And I do know what you’re talking about in regards to the rarity of the schematics. I’ve been running level 2 UT missions for weeks, though only every so often, but still haven’t run into the Sorcerer’s Headgear for my alt. I was glad when I found a pre-crafted one on the GTN just so my little Sith would have something to wear that didn’t make her look stupid.

    • That sorc headgear was the LAST item I got for synthweaving to complete my set, so I feel your pain. Also, I only reverse engineer ANYTHING if there’s someone who needs it – so I’m not THAT completist 😛 just about FASHION.

      Do you have an underworld trading crit doodad for your ship droid? I love that thing.

      • Ooh – I need to get that before 1.3 hits. Nowhere near the 1mil creds needed for the droid though. Maybe I can find someone who’ll let me on their ship. How much does the UT one cost?

        • All of them cost the same, it’s around 100k or possibly 150k. I didn’t buy a ship vendor either – I stowed away on someone else’s ship and bought it from THEIR vendor. Some of the doodads are better than others. Remember, too, they are bind to legacy, so you just need to get one toon onto a ship and then purchase the doodads for all your alts and mail them off. I have a synthweaving crit doodad too.

  3. I just want to say this, because it is a complement to your crafting drive and desire. If you played Eve, you could have done tech 2 production. Trust me when I say that doing tech 2 production is no small feat. When I tried to get into doing it myself, if bankrupted all my toons and started a small war just so I could get a good base to operate my failed factory from. That’s how crazy it is, but you could have done it.

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