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  1. I’m about to become your most favoritest person evar. Hoods are coming in 1.2 according to Georg Zoeller, Lead Combat Designer (he mentioned it at the Guild Summit) … of course, this is subject to change and very well may not be in. 1.2 is shaping up to be a HUGE patch.

    • Whoa, I hope so, I’m tired of the hoodie. Especially since my daughter likes to see “the one with the horns with the necklace on her head” and I have to explain that the horns avec necklace are hidden under the stupid (now orange) hoodie.

  2. I get that I can’t use a lot of abilities in stealth or cover, it’d be ridiculous if I could. But why can’t I use an ability and have it take me OUT of stealth/cover instead of saying “you can’t do that while stealthed”? Recuperate should pop me out of cover, that’s fine. Hitting stealth from in cover should take me out of cover and put me in stealth instead of needing to move/break cover THEN stealth.

    Minor, yet annoying. Maybe I’m the only operative in the world who uses cover.

  3. I would *love* to be able to see my awesome hair and steam-punk goggles more prominently – I really hope they do keep the no hoods option for 1.2!

    As for what I’d like… well a general search tool for the GTN would be very welcome. It gets a little time-consuming to select the item categories every time.

  4. Re: Stealth bar, my stealth related activities (shoot first, sleep dart) are bound to my left action bar and I use non-number keys to activate them (c and x respectively). When I had the shoot first booster buff via scrapper spec, that was v. YMMV. When stealthed, if I miskey, I either accidentally sleep someone, or I don’t shoot first, since I’m not usually cc’ing from shootfirst range and positioning requirements.

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