More Adventures in Companion Customization — 12 Comments

    • “my stupid computer/graphics card/whatever giving black eyes.”

      Uh huh, suuuuuure.

      Hey Doc, Scourge: TELL SOMEONE! Tell your teacher, or your principal, but you don’t need to be afraid anymore. And when she makes that joke about “what do you tell your companion character with two black eyes…” you don’t have to laugh!

  1. I give you full credit for my becoming more adventurous regarding my companion customizations. I may actually go for the mutton chops on Doc when I get him because then I can imagine him being a Steampunk gentleman adventurer.

    I like original Aric and Corso too much to change them. I was really tempted with Elara but none of the other customizations I’ve seen for her have fit the uptight ex-Imperial who is in love with her regulations. T-7 did get the purple/gold option and I think Kira’s just too darn cute as she is so I haven’t even looked to change her.

    My Imps, though… Mako is now a black girl (although I’m not in love with her hair) and Kaliyo got the tattoo option that covers her chin. I liken to her being akin to the Apache. She’s certainly bad-ass enough.

    And now I’m seeing all the wonderful options I have yet to reach. So much to look forward to!

    • I find that the less attached I am to a companion, the easier it is to make changes. I just don’t care, for example, what Akaavi looks like that much. But when I lost Corso Kit 2 I was like… my toon went and made out with face #2, I cannot continue until it is restored… this is NOT the man she wants to snog.

  2. I feel like Doc would be mega attractive if he just lost that terrible mustache. Isn’t Doc the romance option for Jedi Knights? When will people realize that while men love mustaches, most women do NOT love them? I mean, some small bit is fine, I suppose, and some people can pull it off (Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes, but that’s one part Jude Law and one part everyone looks great in period clothing) but holy crap, mustaches like that just always make me think of pedophiles.

    And it’s so unfortunate that the one with the least amount of hair makes him look like a total toolbag. Facial tattoos can be pretty boss, but what IS that crap? >:


    • Seriously… the whole point of a companion kit is that I dislike something about my companion and want it changed… yet almost all the options still HAVE very similar facial hair. It would be the same thing if all of Risha’s customizations were variations on her default matronly hairdo bun thing.

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