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  1. According to the customer service forum, tickets that are locked and subsequently disappear have been escalated. I hope escalated isn’t the new euphemism for “round filed” but I really don’t know. 😛

  2. It hasn’t happened on my Inquisitor that I’ve noticed, but my agent when she sends people out to craft will have two versions of each companion, one at the station, the other where s/he should be. I never noticed what gear they are/should be wearing.

    Airlock sounds like a great solution!

  3. Does Ivory only stow away on Smuggler ships? I find the concept of strange stow aways in sickbays oddly compelling. Of course, my sickbay is monitored by Elara Dorne and I can’t imagine she would tolerate that kind of nonsense as she is All About Regulations.

    I’m really going to have to level my Smuggler. I’m very interested in finding out if Risha is really as repellant as she comes off to… well, everyone it seems.

    Does Risha have any significant usefulness as a companion to offset the annoyance factor? Inquiring minds and all…

    • I tried to be nice to Risha once she joined my crew. I mean, yeah she’s a total bitch, but now she’s going to be crafting for me and doing me favors. But even when I’m EXCEEDINGLY polite to her, she still manages to say the most obnoxious things and then gets offended when I respond in an obnoxious manner.

      Also, her dps is lame. (She’s no Akaavi, who is pretty damn good.) I mean it’s ok, but you’re not really likely to need ranged dps in the first place. The ONLY upside to her as a companion is that she can wear your hand-me-downs of cunning medium armor.

      But I can’t even stand bringing her into the field. You know how companions chirp their little phrases when they fight. It can get repetitive for even the cutest companions. With Risha, every saying is annoying in an obnoxious, haughty voice.

      In conclusion: Risha’s only value, as I see it, are for male smugglers who want to romance a companion but aren’t man enough to take on Akaavi.

  4. I noticed last night that original Risha was no longer in the Cargo Bay. I didn’t check to see if companion Risha was still in the engine room. I haven’t wanted to talk to her since her hurtful comments about my room being a bit smelly.

    I haven’t had a problem with Risha in terms of a companion but that’s because I’m dirty old man. I didn’t have problems with Corso much either until he took his love for his blaster a little too far into the “weird pervert” zone. Even Bowdaar raised an eyebrow at that.

    And… nice blog!

      • I attribute that to his space-farmboy-ness. I mean, he names EVERYTHING and all the names are something a six year old would come up with. He doesn’t name anything James Earl Blow Your Head Off or Blaster Von Burnmark… no, it’s all ‘Flashy’ and ‘Torchy’ and ‘Sparkles.’

        I’m not making a very good argument for him, am I?

        • Look, all I know is that he got the -1 of Shame from me when I was like “that dude stole my SHIP” and he’s like “yeah and he took my GUN too.” Yeah. Your gun. I FEEL TONS OF SYMPATHY.

          • I know, right? I wish there had been an conversation option after that was simply: He. Took. My. SHIP!!

            Like, Dude, for real? What’s he going to complain about next? His missing hair scrunchy?

  5. Typed “Who the hell is Ivory and why is he on my ship?” And this was the first page. This was one of the funniest articles and comments pile I’ve read.
    I have nothing else of value to add to this. Except that I’m experiencing the same bugs. However, I kindof hope Ivory doesn’t leave; I need more males on my ship.

    • One of my fellow smugglers who doesn’t even have Risha as a companion yet has NPC-Risha face-down asleep on the floor of his engine room. (He’s like… um… the smuggler ship has a bunk bed room…) And he has an Ivory too. Another of my smuggler friends feels left out because she does not have an Ivory.

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