Yes, I Backtracked To Get A New Jacket. Don’t Judge Me. — 5 Comments

  1. My Scoundrel was wearing that jacket from Coruscant until recently. It’s classic Han Solo, and anything was better than the jacket with the kicky neckerchief he got on Taris >.<

    I am quite fond of the one I got from Maelstrom – it's a long white trench coat, and I wanna say it came off the Oppression Droid boss, but I can't recall for certain. It might be too neck-roll-y for you, but I think it looks kinda pimpin', and I am A-OKAY with that for this character. I swapped out Power instead of Crit in the enhancement slot – I have some feeling that Power is better for healing, but I'm not sure that's correct? – but otherwise kept it as-is.

    (Btw, my husband -frustrated that you can't turn off companion's head gear – totally went back to do some grey quests on Nar Shaddaa just to get a moddable circlet-style head piece for Elara!)

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