That New Trailer and the UI — 6 Comments

  1. There’s also no sign of target-of-target capabilities. So unless a group follows a strict kill order and target marking plan, it’s still absurdly easy for a dps to switch to the wrong target and pull aggro. This also continues to make things more difficult for a healer when running solo with a tanking companion, since it’s more difficult to see when and what an enemy is casting for interrupt purposes when you have your companion targeted for healing.

  2. I’m happy with it. Those changes are not all the ones we need but any progress is good progress.

    *holds up her ‘WTB Click-To-Cast Healing’ picket sign*

    • Click to cast – NO KIDDING. I find myself shift-left clicking on frames, realizing that it does NOTHING, and then swearing profusely.

  3. Love the scalable UI announcement, can’t wait until this get’s implemented. I think the announcement I am waiting for (which still may be months away) is the guild ships. Something I have wanted from the beginning. Even though I am still in the midst of a break from the guild scene I still want this badly 😀

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