Character Appearance and Voice — 10 Comments

  1. I still continue to be slightly taken aback by the badass-ness of my trooper’s voice every now and then, but I just roll with it now.

    I was really thrown for a loop when I started my Imperial Agent and she turned out to have the same voice actor as female Hawke in Dragon Age 2. Took me a little to remind myself that no, in this game I’m not a friendly, helpful mage.

  2. Honestly, the voice thing has been a big problem for me. I don’t know how many characters I’ve deleted and remade to make sure I get the look that matches the voice. The biggest problem for me with this is… there is no way I will ever be able to play an elderly character. Oh, I can make one. But the voices will never match in my head. 🙁 Stinks for my uber-awesome grandpa sith warrior idea.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Also, sometimes the lines don’t sound the way you think they will. Like you are going for snark and you end up with holier-than-thou jerkiness (i.e. Jedi everyone).

  3. Love your new Zabrak trooper model!

    I was originally a bit thrown when I made my female trooper and discovered that I was listening to the voice of female Shepard. Now, though, my trooper is simply aspiring to Shepard-level badassery! I love it. I was dismayed when I discovered that the male trooper is the voice behind DA2’s Varric – I almost had to make a second – but I’ve been getting my fix anyway since my bf rolled a trooper to play with my smuggler, so I hear him talk in the group. I thought I’d have an issue with my Agent sounding like Hawke (since my Hawke was super nice, if sometimes snarky).. but she plays such a great evil character!

    I sort of feel like I am stalking voice actors through different BioWare titles..

    • The voice acting is super important and yeah I totally get the stalking. When Corso says something like “you shouldn’t hit the ladies” I actually feel bad about it. When the wookiee furball chastises me in growls it’s like dude, shut it, don’t care.

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