Last night, I continued my trek in Inventory Management of the Old Republic.  Yeah, no stories yet, still getting my shit in order.

Ship droid is still AWOL.

Andronikos refuses to dual wield, even in DPS spec.  Boooo.

Idiots are coming back faster from crew skill missions.  So that’s good.

Level 6 crew skill missions still blow.  Even with the full list of them, there are maybe 6, and none with bountiful or rich rewards.  Why do I care about level 6? Crafted DYES.  Duh.  And there is only ONE level 6 mission for color crystals. Ever.

I can’t figure out the best way to humiliate Quinn and Skadge with bad fashion.

What Skadge is currently wearing.

What Skadge is currently wearing.  Or at least was before KOTFE stole his “pants.”

Decisions, decisions.

I should probably get down to brass tacks and just level but my biggest dilemma, aside from companion garb, is which toon to level first as my raiding toon.  Now that they’ve nerfed sorc, I’m not sure how it will shake out and whether I should just swap over to merc healing (my co-healer is an op, and an op/op team would be dumb).  I’m hoping that someone will do some hard numbers and give me some useful information – lest I have to level both and then test-drive them both in raids.


KOTFE Day Two: Electric Boogaloo — 8 Comments

  1. Andronikos is single blaster only now. They wanted more differentiation between he and Vette.

    My SW now has 2 ship droids. Want my extra?

  2. Not sure how you can stand having things like Skadge in that outfit on your ship. Aren’t you just punishing your own eyes at some point?

    I’d be careful with turning from your Sorc too early. Apparently the latest patch removed the Commando healer’s main heal (even if that seems to be a bug)… not sure if it’s the same for Mercs. 😛