Drinking Coffee Talking About KOTFE — 11 Comments

  1. And here I thought that my keybindings had all gotten reset during my spate of recent OS upgrade fiascoes and that’s why I couldn’t open my “B”ags. As harsh as I want to be on the undocumented sorc healing changes, I feel a little bit that it’s actually worse for them to go changing a core interface function key without even asking if we mind. I mean, who pushes “I” for inventory in MMOs? I haven’t hit that key to open my bags since early 1990s single-player RPGs!

  2. Have you informed Little Jedi that she can now have T7 on all the characters yet? If not do so, I am certain she will love that!

    • Before she gets to 65? Because that isn’t happening for a while. Thankfully she doesn’t get a free 60, so I don’t have to give her the lecture of “You can use that freebie only after you get to 60 yourself and L2P.”

  3. Hmm. The “i” for inventory is the only thing I noticed in the few minutes I goofed around after logging in.

    Not a big deal, and Wildstar uses “i” (at least I think it does), so I’m fine with that.

  4. …holy shit some people don’t use “i” for inventory? What are you people doing with your lives?

    Anyway, I’ve completed 8 chapters of the story so far and I have been *loving* it. It’s extremely epic. It’s also a lot darker and more violent than anything in the game previous, and not in a silly “edgy” way. I think Karpyshyn is killing it so far.

  5. I’m just here to support the Quinn⤵ airlock faction.

    However; yeah, I switched to I for inventory when I got tired of rebinding to B in every non-WoW MMO.

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