Double xp weekend!  Damn, am I tired.

First, I got my long-neglected gunslinger from 50-55, which was more difficult than anticipated.

Why the gunslinger?  Because I wanted a toon pub-side to muck about on, and NOT melee dps.  Also I wanted to see endgame slinger to see if I really want to level my sniper.

First, to Makeb!  Makeb’s problem is that it scales up pretty violently, with the first plateau being LOLSHOOT and a few plateaus later, you’re getting your ass handed to you.  It was quite unpleasant, especially since it’s not like my gear magically upgraded itself during that time.  Makeb quest rewards are also pretty shitty in that regard.

This picture never gets old.

This picture never gets old.

So, I think, I’ll go run a flashpoint or two.  Gear, practice, xp… what could go wrong.  Oh apparently assholes can go wrong.

I’m dutifully following the tank and killing things that the tank has attacked first. I had mentioned that I was unfamiliar with this instance, but otherwise had not said anything.  The scoundrel healer sleep darts a dog, but instead of walking past the pack, the tank decides to engage.  Oookay, so we kill the rest of the pack, but we’re still in combat with the one mezed dog, but the tank rolls on ahead.  Figuring that they didn’t realize the dog was still in combat with us, and about to break and chew our FACES off, I say “we need to kill that dog.” The dog breaks precisely at that point, and comes to kill us.

Somehow, the healer has already managed to drop group right before the dog breaks, so that was fun.  After which, the following exchange occurs:

Tank: I’m the tank, you need to follow my lead.  I know what to kill and what not to kill.

Me: We were still in combat with that dog.

Tank: You’re annoying and that’s why the healer left.

I’d be damned if I was going to have to wait in a super-long DPS queue again just because this guy was a tool.  So I put the tank on ignore, figuring I couldn’t possibly care about his commentary for the rest of the instance.  Then he left – and the other DPS left with him.  At that point, the group finder decided I was a lonely loser and not allowed to just fill the spots with subs.  I had to leave the instance, reset my instances, and then I could requeue.  Eff that.

After multiple embarrassing deaths at the hands of various Makeb minions, I dinged 55 on a random mob in Dr. Oggurub’s compound and zoned the hell out of there without completing the quest.  Fuck that, I don’t need the smoochies with Lemda that badly.

Next up, my sorc.  This was actually far easier, because people don’t want to offend the healer.  Har har.

Playing “chase the tank” was still my main occupation during these runs.  However, force speed didn’t eat into my resource pool, so it was less painful than doing the same chasing with an operative.  I cannot wait until 2.7 when the operative roll works more like force speed.

Now, why do people think that skipping trash is such a great idea that they must do it at all costs – even if there is a significant chance of failure.  It does NOT save time if you have to wait for someone who just croaked to run back, or if it causes a wipe.

On one run, we skipped trash packs by sleep-darting the closest mob and running past.  All was fine and dandy until the tank let some mob gnaw my face off, and I had to run back.  Except I couldn’t with all those mobs in my way (now, obviously, not asleep).  The stealther had to come back and retrieve me.  This does not save time!

On another run, the tank insisted on skipping trash by hopping platforms.  I missed the jump (what ELSE is new?) and fell to my humiliating demise.  Running back cost time, and thankfully I made the jump the second time with assistance from rocket boots.  We could just chalk this up to my incompetence and say that this jumping strat works in most cases.  However, the next jump, the tank, who had mocked me for my SPLAT on the previous jump, went plummeting to HIS death.  Stupid, stupid.

The sorc didn’t make it to 55 because I decided I wanted to watch some TV.  So I’ve got maybe 3/4 of a level to polish off with normal (rested) xp.  That should’t take long at all.

How was your double xp weekend?


Double XP Weekend: The Good, The Bad, And The Pugly — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve gotten my DPS Operative from 40 on Thursday night to 47, with limited playing time, so that rules. Also dinged a level here and there on some lowbies while doing bounty contracts. Great XP from those when you’re running with a boost on.

  2. Lol you’re hilarious! I love the pugfails! I didn’t get to level as much as I wanted to this weekend because I had some company in town 🙁 but Eric Musco posted that there should be another 2xp weekend soon because of some bugs.

  3. Mine was pretty awesome! Finally got my Sith Warrior to finish chapter 3! He went from 40ish to 49 over the weekend via KYD (still fastest way to go even with the bug) and will ding 50 any minute now! Also made a Jedi Knight up to 15.. for reasons.. 😛

      • Ugh Quinn.. I feel like they really should have kept the option to kill certain companions.. It would flow better in the story IMO I hate that guy so much..

        • I need to remember to post up Quinn’s newest Outfit Of Shame. I added some obnoxious dye.

        • I used the weekend to finish Chapter 3 on my long neglected SW. I had to exploit Quinn for the 10 Legacy Presence and the achievement, but I devoted the remainder of the chapter to seeing how much Quinn affection I could lose by making him watch me do things I disliked. Sadly, this was only about 300.

          • I really do wish there were a way to lose affection with companions besides the random few points you can lose by making choices that displease them. What if there were the opposite of presents? Like “dog turd under pillow”?

  4. Oh man. I hate the ‘go through tremendous effort to skip a group of trash mobs that it would literally take 10 seconds to kill’.

    I see it coming and always think to myself ‘this is going to screw up and someone will die or jump wrong and it will take way longer anyways’ and it always does. Ugh.

  5. “Pugly” is a great word, and no, that Hutt picture never gets old. Wonder what you supposedly did to annoy that healer so much…

    And I’m absolutely with you on the annoyance of trash skipping. Hug a wall to walk past a group that won’t aggro that way, okay. But once it gets into chain-CCing/jumping-puzzle territory, it just gets silly. It’s not limited to flashpoint pugs either… I’ve done the occasional ops with a friendly guild, and on one of the trash pulls in Scum and Villainy, between Olok and the Warlords, where you can punt half the mobs to their deaths anyway… they always climb some tiny ledge on the side, run all the way around the room on it, someone always falls to their death and someone else usually aggroes a mob on the other side. But no, must not kill that one trash pull! Always cracks me up. 😛

    I actually played a lowbie alt this weekend despite of my dislike for double XP – it’s not too bad as long as you don’t do many quests, as kill XP is doubled whenever you’re rested anyway (which I am a lot). Did some bounty hunting and tanked a couple of flashpoints. Good times.

    • Agreed, wall scooting works fine… if everyone is the same level. That fact was CLEARLY overlooked by multiple groups. The level 55 sneaks by, no problem, and then the level 53 gets his face chewed off.

      Groups are also really enamored of knocking enemies off things, even if that’s a totally dumb idea. I forget which instance it is (I didn’t do it this weekend) there is a bridge, and you can lure the enemies onto the bridge and knock them into lava (what fun!). The enemies, however, *also* have a knockback. I have YET to see it done successfully where nobody in the group is knocked into the lava. I suggested this to a group, that the enemies have a knockback and we probably should just kill them, and got the equivalent of /rolleyes. (Sure enough, two players fell to their deaths.)

  6. Well I avoided flashpoints and group content in general… However Despite my skillful procrastination and over all laziness mine was somehow productive-ish… I got my replacement assassin from 43 to 50 so theres that…

  7. I played a little bit, but wasn’t in any particular hurry. Finished the Chapter One on my long suffering Bounty Hunter and ran a few FPs with him: one or two Mandos and one Boarding Party. Had kind of a meh set to tank choices to go with on 2/3 of them, and one of them was compounded by the healer perpetually going AFK for 10-20 seconds at a time. I ended up spot healing on my BH/Merc, even though he was set DPS, and cursing up a blue streak about “this isn’t my damn spec, and I’m not a great healer, dammit”.

    But the one run of Mandalorian Raiders was worth it. Great run, slow but fun.

  8. Sometimes skipping trash is worth it (the 2-4 pulls after Team Battle Royal in Mandalorian Raiders, for instance) and sometimes it’s not (the “run through” skips in Cademimu.) Sometimes knocking things off bridges is worth it (the Section X HEROIC 4) and sometimes it’s not (the light bridge at the end of Hammer Station) and sometimes it depends on the competence of the group (the Hangar P4 final encounter in KDY–do it right and you hit the gold-star Jedi for 28-34k each; do it wrong because someone in the group doesn’t understand what you’re doing and get hit for that amount yourself.)