My Luxury Condo Has A Walk-In Closet — 13 Comments

  1. I almost died when I read about Nar Shaddaa. Our main RP characters live there (story-wise) and now it will really happen ingame, which is like a dream coming true.
    Where does it say that the strongholds are legacy wide? Still haven’t found that detail on the information site. 😐

    • Hrm, you’re right that it isn’t explicit. Taking everything together it gave me the clear impression that it was legacy-wide:

      “Choose a prestigious apartment in the heart of your faction’s capital world, or live in style among the high-rollers of Nar Shaddaa or both – your Legacy can own multiple Strongholds!”

      That gives me the impression that the LEGACY ITSELF owns the stronghold. It would be CRAZY too for each toon to get a giant nar shaddaa apartment. Taken together with the legacy storage in the stronghold, I think that it’s a legacy stronghold.

      Having said that, the stronghold is likely limited by faction if it’s a capitol city.

      • I hope it will be that way. But then again… money and greeeeeed. But let’s hope for the best. Shiny precious Nar Shaddaa apartment, here I come! :>

  2. The best part about legacy-wide storage is that you no longer have to create a guild just to store stuff among your toons. For those who prefer not to join guilds, this is a great addition.

  3. I’m in heaven! This is the most exciting thing I’ve seen since launch imo, I guess that’s a bit bias to my play style as I’ve already seen a bunch of hard-cores who call this a waste of dev time… for me.. best thing since launch!! I can’t wait to see how the dromund kaas apartment looks for my Sith..

  4. For RPers like me, this is the single best thing they could do. I’ve always enjoyed how much swtor cared for RPers, and this just continues that trend.

    Although if the houses are Legacy-owned, I’ll have to pick different planets for different characters to live. A Sith isn’t going to decorate the same as a Jedi, obviously.

    The Legacy-wide storage… That’s just nice for -everyone-. Super awesome.

  5. Two things bother me about this housing stuff. Both revolve around that, given the game in its current state, how can this begin to compare to Galaxies housing? First off, you could drop one on any planet. (I want Corellia. Who cares about Coruscant. I’m lukewarm on Nar Shaddaa). How many load screens do I have to jump through to get home? How many intricate hoops will I need to go through to show off my home to friends?

    Second up is the level of customization. Push this couch 2 feet there, move this picture up 6 inches here. I just don’t see anything but stock layouts with the game’s current setup.

    I think this will really be a case where the housing system we had way back then (SWG) was way better than what we’re getting today (SWTOR).

    Since that was all negative, I’ll end it on a positive. Guild flagships have the potential to save this expansion for me. While there won’t be any PvP “initially”, there’s always hope! Also, having a guild hall was great in SWG. Haven’t played a game with one since, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping there will be some co-op PvE content to go with it like GuildWars 2 has. Guild missions you can do to get guild unlocks and currency. Plus, more space warfare is always good. Even if it’s PvE…

    • I have been pondering the housing issue in comparison to SWG, since decorating was one of my hobbies. Despite the fact they only added the ability for architects to customize colors of furniture at or after the NGE. Remember all those puke-yellow couches?

      I have also been wondering about the travel aspect. Are we even going to BOTHER getting our butts to the house if it’s a pain in the ass? I barely ever use my ship anymore, since I have a fleet pass without cooldown and the fleet has a teleporter to all the major hubs. I would like to have some sort of “teleport to house” option, maybe unlockable as a legacy perk.

  6. I’m not big into in-game housing in general, and I’m not even in a guild anymore in SWTOR, but at least I can be happy for all of you who are excited?

    Legacy storage is potentially intriguing, depending on how it’s monetized. I’m expecting a “free” rental for subscribers and some sort of pricey CC unlock for non-subscribers. On paper, it’s a big deal since non-subscribers are permanently stuck with a one-attachment-per-mail limit. If it allowed the transfer of credits as well, that would be huge (non-subscribers have no way to transfer credits between characters directly). In practice, I would be surprised if the storage capacity is large enough to do things like store all of the crafting materials for all the crewskills. Guess we’ll see in a few months.

  7. Just read this. You are SO right about the lighting on Tattooine!! Can’t wait for that legacy storage. Will be much easier for crafting and transferring legacy armor.

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