In my neverending quest to find a class that I like that is more useful in a raiding situation than being the second marauder (being the first marauder is fine, the second is overkill), I started up a sorcerer.  I already have a jedi sage about which I feel meh – but I never specced the shared tree.  Guys, madness, seriously, madness. SERIOUSLY.

So you are thinking “dots are booooring.”  Sort of yeah.  But here’s the skill that is the awesomest, and it’s appropriately called Madness.  Channeled force lightning no longer has a cooldown.  Spam spam spam! That awesome ZZZZZZT line from your fingertips – that’s your FILLER ability.  For sages, that’s just an extra hail of pebbles, snore.  But for Sorcerers, it’s All Palpatine All The Time!

Here's one of my new rotating banners on the site - the baldy rattatouille sorc lightning all the things.  I swear, they have the best cut scenes.

Here’s one of my new rotating banners on the site – the baldy rattatouille sorc lightning all the things.

My sorc is, of course, evil (after I made my assassin goody-goody).  The story is very different this way.  I also couldn’t resist shocking Andronikos when he was yapping about something-or-other.  He found the experience objectionable, the whiner.

Butts are being kicked, names are being taken, and all of Alderaan trembles at my purple sparkles of lightning!


This Is Madness [Sparta Joke Here] — 4 Comments

  1. My Sorc is Madness spec’ed. Part of the fun is getting to pick from a variety of options when offing mobs. I think this one will die of lightning. That one of crushing darkness. Etc. Plus…Khem Val is awesome.

    • I like Khem Val, he’s cracking me up. We got into Tattooine and he says “Someone told me that I have a perfect Sabacc face. That was a joke. I hate Sabacc.” Mmkay, Khemmy. He also loves it when I’m evil, so I feel slightly less bad about being a total ass.

  2. Ah, evil SI. So much fun. *shock* “Where’s my family heirloom saber?” *shock* “Gimme my saber.” *shock* “Woot, thanks for my saber–oh, and just for good measure–” *shock*

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. Simply amazing. Thank you for providing with me with hours of reading enjoyment whilst at work today. I love you. Please keep up the excellent work. I play primarily Sniper/Slinger, but have been toying with the notion of creating a Jedi Knight. Your enthusiasm for the class (and this amazing game) is infectious. I may take the plunge. Cheers!