Dialogue Option 4 — 5 Comments

  1. “That is so incredibly frustrating to have you, the player, in the know but be unable to get your toon to express your knowledge of the situation because your toon is, apparently, incurably stupid.”

    Agent storyline in a nutshell.

    • That storyline seriously. There were a few times when I wished I had a dialogue option that said “Fuck all y’all and the horse you came in on, I’m done with you assholes at intelligence and the sith and all you guys. I’m moving to an island with bug boy.” Instead it was “oh yeah, I live for the empire.” Blech.

  2. I’ve done my fair share of hitting escape. I did it a lot on my first character (Jedi Guardian, Light side points!). I calmed a little on my smuggler – only hit ESC when it was just completely not even close to what was even hinted at on the conversation wheel. Same on my bounty hunter. Now on my trooper, I have the light side/dark side wheel visuals turned off. I’m in the ‘Screw it, this is the least ridiculous choice.” mode. I’m also really tired of seeing a paragraph of explanation, and then just screaming “FOR THE REPUBLIC!” as a response.

    • Yeah, that’s a completely separate problem – when the dialogue that is said is not the dialogue that you THINK is going to be said, based on the choice you make. “No, that wasn’t supposed to come out TOTALLY EVIL!” I picked the option “Sorry” on my sorc the other day, and what I got back was something along the lines of “Too bad, so sad, QQ moar.” It said “Sorry” not “[Insincere] Sorry”.

  3. That first example soooo reminds me of a situation my – for the rest – (SPOILER) light side V sorc found herself in. I was so annoyed that I didn’t have that “4th” option either! I told myself the dark side points didn’t count. After all, who knows how I saved the galaxy from that blight!

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