Inspired by Mistress of Mordor’s Flirt Statistics, I started my own spreadsheet on the BSOCK1 possibilities with companions only.  Keep it small, right?

Now, ignoring the unfairness of SGR not being added in for companions (but I get the logistical reason why), let’s look at the Romance and BSOCK opportunities for these companions.  Now, warning, if you are not through the story, I guess some of this could be spoilery.  So, if you just do not WANT to know whether you will hook up with that hot pirate, I’m putting the rest behind a cut.


Here’s my dumb spreadsheet.

A few caveats:

  • I suck at statistics.  I am wrong all the time.
  • I’m counting Jaesa Wilsaam twice instead of as .5 for dark and .5 for light.  This is an arbitrary decision.
  • I’m counting the pub and imp ship droids separately
  • I am also including Treek and HK
  • Gender is questionable amongst weird aliens and robots.  My solution to this problem was to use the official companion description on the page, and check the pronouns used.  All the gender-ambiguous robots and aliens were referred to as male.
  • It’s not as simple as BSOCK/No BSOCK, because sometimes there are Good Reasons for there being no BSOCK option.  I’m breaking this down by category.
  • (After posting, I found a list of companion ages and have updated accordingly)

Romance Option

8 male companions, 11 female companions.

Agent and Smuggler have 2 female romance options for male characters.  Sith warrior does as well if you pick Dark Jaesa (I suspect most do).  There are no classes that have 2 male romance options for female characters (we’ll get to one night stands next).

BSOCK without Romance Option

2 male companions, 0 female companions.

This is basically a one-night stand where, no matter what options you pick, you don’t get a full romance.  I acknowledge that it is certainly possible to BSOCK a romanceable companion once and then never do it again, but that is not what I’m talking about here.

Not BSOCKable Because Robot

5 male companions, 1 female companion

Most of the robots have clear gender, because of voice acting, except for T7.  However, T7 is referred to as male on the official site, so there you go.

If you want to have the option to BSOCK a robot, that’s creepy.  Scorpio’s metal boobs are very disturbing.

Not BSOCKable Because Inappropriate Alien Species

12 male companions, 1 female companion

I erred on the side of “inappropriate” when it was not a playable species or a species that I’ve seen flirt options for in the game-at-large. Some aliens are admittedly more inappropriate than others.  Khem Val is clearly OUT while Rusk is borderline.  I included the following companions in this category: Broonmark, Khem Val, Xalek, Gault, Blizz, Skadge, Rusk, Zyzen, Tanno Vik, Yuun, Bowdaar, Guss Tuno, and of course Treek.

Not BSOCKable Because Old

1 male companion, 0 female companions

How old is too old?  Why should it matter?  You could argue that Lokin is a half-rak, but Vector is half-bug and that doesn’t stop him at all.

Edit: After a commenter pointed out that Talos isn’t that old, I found an age list and I moved Talos to the “no reason” section.  

Not BSOCKable Because Story Reason

1 male companion, 1 female companion

Scourge is in this category because he claims not to be able to feel anything, and I’m assuming that includes below the belt.  Light Jaesa is also in this category because she’s all Jedi Code and stuff.

Not BSOCKable Because No Reason?

2 male companions, 0 female companions

Zenith, mystery man of hotness.  WHY, ZENITH, WHY?

Talos: Moved from the “Too old” category because he’s apparently only 27.  You could argue that Talos is dorky, but saying that video gamers don’t like dorky guys is laughable.

So what?

My point to all this is to show that there are very few female companions that are not romance objects.  The robots and weird aliens are predominantly male.  There is an old dude, but not old dudettes.  The default gender for “not romance object” seems to be male… which didn’t strike me as weird for the longest time, but it should, dammit.

  1. For those of you just joining us, BSOCK means the Black Screen Of Carnal Knowledge


BSOCK Statistics — 14 Comments

  1. Oddly enough, officially Talos is younger than Quinn. This makes little sense, but there you have it.

      • Yeah, the official ages have some weird as hell stuff in them – from ages that seem unlikely for character models and/or backgrounds to ages that flat out don’t match the in game information. (Corso’s conversations/story bits give you his age, if you do a tiny bit of math. That math puts him at 19.)

        • Oh ew. He’s not even old enough to be drinking that wine he offers the captain. Blargh.

          There seems to be an obsession with youth, in general, in fantasy games – but for characters to have a rich and vibrant backstory, they need to be a bit out of diapers first. 19 is practically a fetus.

          • I’ve just decided to arbitrarily add 8-12 years to everyone in order to make it less squicky to romance some of these characters.

  2. The thing that strikes me here is that the imbalance comes largely from the inappropriate aliens category.

    For some reason, Bioware made all the weird aliens male until Treek. Seems a little unfair. Clearly we should have had a female wookie companion.

    • Yeah, for some alien races, I don’t think BW made a female model, period. I’ve never seen a female amongst all the NPC quest givers for the following:

      – Gault’s species
      – Rusk’s species
      – Mon cal
      – Wookiee

      I’m assuming that these species are sexually dimorphic (meaning that the males and females actually look different or at the very least sound different in voiceover.)

      For certain species, I might very well think that the members look the same, and that some of the NPC’s we see are male or female and we just can’t tell:

      – Talz
      – Those little blue elephants
      – Jawas

      Anyway, I’m just interested in this primarily because the default seems to be male, and then if the character is female, it’s a specific choice with a specific reason. Even with Treek, there are dialogue options for “wait, you’re female?” Why is that notable in a science fiction universe where women hold the same social status as men – except in the eyes of Corso The Stalker.

      • seems to indicate that Gault’s species require significantly different female models and seems to confirm that we’ve only seen male Devaronians ingame.

        Jawas – how do you sex a jawa? I’m not looking under the robes. I believe the Jawa shaman encountered on Tat Imp storyline is female, however.

        Ortolans – not sure we can tell the difference between male and female Ortolans. Certainly not through voice acting!

        • The only way I knew Blizz was male is by the use of the male pronoun both in-game and in the informational materials on the website. Otherwise, he, like Broonmark, I would not classify as a specific gender. To avoid using a gendered pronoun, the droid at the beginning of the imperial Treek questline refers to her as “it”.

  3. I’m glad that at least they instituted the same sex flirting in some of the expacs. I was pleased to see that as an option with my Sorcerer when she met with Darth Acinia the first time.

    • Totally agree re Zenith, Iresso was just annoying (and patronizing) but no matter how many shinies I gave him Zenith wouldn’t give up more than a rather gingerish hand shake. In fact one of his comments if you click on him while bored (you know you do) is “Hey! Personal Space”. sigh

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