The Last Dye Recipe: GSI Reputation — 9 Comments

      • Oh I just remembered a really quick trick! Do the heroic on Alderaan on republic side. Once you obtain the quest, fly the speeder over to the cantina near Organa’s palace. Look up and scan the tower. If you didn’t get the spy, reset the quest and do it again. If you still didn’t get it, drop the quest, fly back over, pick it up again, and keep doing it until you find the spy right there. Best of all, that quest gives TWO blue rep tokens. It takes maybe 8 minutes too. With my method, you don’t have to fly all over the place.

  1. I don’t know. My own GSI rep is pretty low too, but I don’t think it’s all that terrible; I’ve just never really bothered very much. The trick is in finding the dailies that aren’t too much of a pain I think. Some of them are absolutely horrible, like the one on Hoth where you have to dig something out of the little volcanoes, because you never know which one will wield a result and it’s a royal pain to place the seeker droid circle in the right place. But on the other hand you’ve got some that are relatively quick and easy, like I remember the one in Anchorhead (for Republic, I guess Empire does the same or similar in Mos Ila) to pick up a couple of whatever devices in a small area inside the city; never takes long. Or the irradiated plants on Alderaan.

    If you’ve got someone to keep you company, you can “double tap” each seeker droid objective too, which saves a lot of time on the more spread out ones.

    • I was SO stymied by the Mos Ila quests. Just as I was close to the THING, I’d get called away by the family and when I returned, it had moved. I didn’t know at the time about the “in plain sight” items above the roof of the building. I was looking at a guide too, it was just the wrong one. Now that I know the trick, it should be easier.

      If I find a “GSI Buddy” then I might be tempted to keep working on it. But also: gray and red isn’t a color scheme I see myself using anytime soon, so the motivation is pretty low. Red/black (sec x) and blue/black (voss), on the other hand, were very very desirable and I use those all the time.

        • I tend to change my look every few months – but it depends on how satisfied I am with the current look. I changed my marauder very frequently until I found the concealed bodysuit, and I thought I wouldn’t ever change again – until the bustier thing came out.

  2. This is probably stuff you already know, since I saw this post late, but most (not all) of the GSI seeker droid missions have an item on the ground that shows you exactly where to dig. Also, the missions are.. interesting, in that you only have to be in the same zone with your faction buddy to get the credit for any given mission. So DH and I did the heroics, usually Tatooine first thing in the morning over coffee. Then we’d do the easier seeker droid and binoc missions; I’d dig while he looked or vice versa. Did enough to get the weekly every week and called it good. Much. much less painful than some of the wacky cliff-hanging or volcano digging they want you to do.

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