Note: Patch 2.4.3 seems to have resolved this issue for me, but not for everyone affected, according to the CS forum.

So, I bit the bullet and purchased 450 cartel coins with my credit card on the website in order to access my in-game discount.  After the transaction was complete, I went to enable the in-game option, only to have the popup that I must buy cartel coins with my credit card in order to do that.  I had a receipt and the cartel coins were on my ledger page, so obviously the purchase went through.  I tried refreshing, logging out and back in, closing and reopening my browser.  Nope, no luck.

I called customer service and I am beyond livid.  Apparently this is a “known issue.”  Now, customer service surely doesn’t think “it’s a known issue, we’ll fix it later, go away” suffices for an answer when there’s real money on the line.  Oh, apparently it does.

  • Customer service was not able to manually enable my in-game cartel coin purchasing ability.  You’d think that would be an option, with me on the phone able to give consent and security question answers.
  • Customer service was not able to give me the discount to simply purchase the cartel coins out of game.  Again, it should have been possible to take my credit card information over the phone and purchase a pack at discounted price.
  • Customer service gave me the unhelpful answer that it would be fixed at some point, and that I had until November 30 to access my discount.  Never mind that over the holidays MANY of us don’t have access to the game (hence why I was taking care of it today).
  • Customer service could not tell me that it would be fixed before November 30.
  • Customer service could not assure me that I would be able to access my discount if this issue is not resolved in time.

I’m shocked, appalled, and in a rather foul mood over this.  I never would have purchased the 450 cartel coins at full price (especially since the small pack has a lousy cartel to cash ratio) for any reason other than to access this discount.

I posted in the bug thread but I’m rather demoralized.  In general, I have been pretty squealy pleased about cartel stuff.  But this is just unacceptable.

(To add insult to injury, my husband was able to successfully enable his in-game cartel coins no problem, on the same damn credit card.)


Subscriber In-Game Cartel Coin Purchase Discount: A Known Issue And Customer Service Fail — 4 Comments

  1. That’s rough, ma’am! Did you buy via I bought a pack on the account page itself, which may be the difference. Not that it should matter.

    Regardless, I hope they get it sorted as soon as humanly possible!

    • My husband and I followed the same procedure on the account page (just like you did). I know it was identical because I was reading the instructions to him. His worked, mine did not.

      This is just so fail. Sure things break, but when cs is powerless to attempt to make it right by any method, that makes me crabby.

  2. I didn’t even have to make a website purchase. The thing is: I have absolutely no memory of buying cartel coins with my card. Game time, yes, but no coins.
    Somehow I get the feeling that in this matter Bioware’s head doesn’t know what its ass is doing. And vice versa.

    Hmmm, maybe your problem is that two people are using the same credit card? *headscratch*

    And condolences on the lousy customer service experience. What you wrote sounds like the CS people weren’t given any info themselves, and been not allowed to do any of the things you mentioned in the post. Sucks for you, and sucks for the CS people because even if they WANT to help, they can’t. Not without risking their jobs, anyway. 🙁 (Been there, done the job, got the ulcer to prove it…)

    • I did contemplate that the “same credit card” thing might be the problem. I don’t know WHY it should be a problem since the cc purchase did go through. However, other people with this problem have purchased subsequent packs with a different card on the website, and were still unable to access their discount (I checked the thread). So meh, I’ll just wait.