Cartel Coins In-Game And The Subscriber Discount: Of Course There’s A Catch — 9 Comments

  1. If this is not changed, EA will not be getting a thin dime from me. I’ve already made a purchase, but since it’s PayPal-based it doesn’t count. Good going EA, way to screw yourself out of an easy $20.

  2. That stinks, now I’m not sure if I’m going to bother with that offer. Especially since I recently bought some Cartel Coins in a retail store to get one of those store-exclusive pets (and haven’t felt the need to spend them on anything yet).

  3. Your response and strategy mirrors mine. I’ve never bought CC, so will have to use a credit card. I’ll do a quick spreadsheet to confirm the $5 pack plus $40 in-game with discount gives the best CC/$, but likely you’re right, the minimum $5 seems the obvious overall best value to hook into this kinda awkward system.

    • Well the strategy of the $5 pack assumes that I won’t be needing any further cartel coins in the foreseeable future. Since I don’t buy cartel packs and I have no expensive plans (like multiple species changes), I don’t foresee myself needing to buy cartel coins pretty much ever again after this initial influx.

      • Me either! In fact, got 9135 CC right now from stipend and whatever other freebies we got. Seems like a waste not to use the discount while it’s available… Guess I could spend OotiniCast cash and buy Cartel Packs as prizes. Umm.

        • I already have plans for my cc. There’s always something I want and don’t have the credits for, mostly legacy unlocks.

          – I don’t have HK on any of my imperial toons. I should probably see the story on that side.
          – I don’t have a gbank on my ship yet
          – Every time an alt gets to 30 or so, I unlock field respec for that toon.
          – I have almost no priority transports
          – I only have a lowest-level repair bot on my raiding toon and on no other toons

          Even with that list, I can’t imagine it will cost me so much that I will need to buy more cc. I have been living on my stipend until now, and done just fine on that allowance.

  4. I’m going to wait and see how this plays out given that we have through the end of the month. The big thing that has me considering this bundle is the chance to transfer three characters. (That is paid with CC from your balance, correct?) That said, it’s more of a want than a need, and if it’s too much of a pain in the rear then I might not bother.

    • Character transfers are indeed paid for out of your available, already-acquired CC.

      As to why you need that initial purchase, it seems unnecessary. Having used a credit card for something else isn’t enough; you must have purchased Cartel Coins with a credit card (not even the one you necessarily want to use for subsequent in-game purchases). Maybe they need at least one authorisation where you’ve exchanged real money for fake before they’re able to make it an ongoing thing?

      Speaking of which, I suspect we can’t use PayPal because it’s not possible to give BioWare permission to charge you arbitrary amounts at any time (though you can set up a recurring payment of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule, as we do for subscriptions). This would only work for in-game purchasing if they got you to enter your PayPal password, and I’m guesing merchants aren’t allowed to do that; when buying anything with PayPal on the web, you’re redirected to PayPal’s site to enter your password.

    • It might well be worth it, for character transfers. I’m still bristling at the *principle* of it all, but will probably buy the coins at discount anyway, just in case I ever want to buy a big ticket item like a name change, species change, or server change.

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