So, I’m moving to the dark side.  The sith side.  The side with the silly accents and awesome fashion.

When we first started the guild, we voted on faction.  Republic won by one vote.  Now it’s over a year later, most of the voters are gone, and the remaining guildies took a step back and said – wait, why are we still here?  We can totally go over to the sith side!

I confess, this has rekindled my interest in the game – and I think the same can be said for everyone in our tiny guild.  I’m seeing a lot more people logging in recently, and a guildie who quit the game has returned.  We’re discovering new things and being evil and loving it.

I know, in a year, it will be just as stale over there.  I will have done the dailies a kajillion times and the planet questlines a few times as well.  However, that’s another year.  I’ll enjoy the crap out of it now, kthx.

The original plan was for me to take my 50 Mercenary and try being ranged DPS for a while – but seriously, it would take me longer to learn to ranged dps (and possibly, after learning, still suck at it) than to just level a marauder.  Besides, I have a damn guide about sentinel/marauder.  I need to actually play the class to keep the thing up to date, right?

My baby marauder is level 15.

Evil Sith don't need no stinkin Barbie hair.

Srs Bzns Sith don’t need no stinkin Barbie hair.

I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Sometimes I’m evil, sometimes I’m snarky, and sometimes assholes just need killing.  I’m leveling as rage so that I can actually know what I’m talking about regarding the spec.  Every piece of armor I have gotten – green, blue, whatever  – has looked badass.  I am not sure I’ll need to resort to the cartel market at all on this side (and Bioware sheds salty tears).

What are your favorite sithie outfits?  Let me know!  If you’re on Jedi Cov on the evil side, my new marauder is “Njessie” (I’m so original, shut up).  Come say hi!


Joining The Side That Has Cookies — 14 Comments

  1. I will answer in a manner that implies neither my clear and present bias, nor my pandering, fauning, slobbering love of the Imperial Agent: OMG TEH AGENTZ DA BEZT!

    Carry on.

    • Having done both scoundrel and gunslinger, I can honestly say that I suck at both and would be the worst. agent. ever.

      • But it’s the best storyline in the game!

        Okay, I may care more about story than how easy classes are to play. Or even whether or not I suck at playing them. I’ll frankly admit that gunslinger/sniper is probably the squishiest class(es) in the game. But I had more fun playing my Agent than any other class so far. (Now, if one absolutely hates being squishy…)

  2. Every piece of armor I have gotten – green, blue, whatever – has looked badass.

    Just wait until they start giving you funny skirts and armour with random pointy bits; you’ll sing a different song then…

    • Yeah, at that point, I have already crafted myself some kickass-looking low-level oranges and will use those. Unfortunately the best ones cannot be dyed. Sad!

  3. Sigh, yet another server that isn’t the one my legacy is on that has a guild where I would otherwise be interested in parking my poor unguilded Imps. (Never mind that y’all raid – or at least raided – and I… don’t.) Wonder if paid character transfers (I dare not hope that they will offer paid whole-legacy transfers) will be GTN’able – I can’t stomach paying $10-15 per character as a penalty for choosing the wrong server over a year ago, but I can honestly say that my current server is NOT contributing to my enjoyment of the game.

    In an unrelated story, this post prompted me to go read your “about” page which linked to your old WoW blog, whose name is unique enough that I’m pretty sure I heard you on a podcast once upon a time.

      • I have six characters – all of which are above level 15 with significant amounts of credits invested in various character legacy unlocks and all of which have at least one crewskill at 250+. There aren’t any I’m willing to leave behind, especially since my legacy won’t get from alts on the other server. To my knowledge, no MMO has ever offered the option to move all your alts for a single fee when they know they can milk you for $15+ per character. I will not pay $90 for this service.

        Now, if it’s GTN’able and I can hand someone a bunch of credits in exchange for them spending the $90 for me….

        • I’m hoping they have a “move the whole legacy” bundle, sort of like how they have per-character unlocks AND unlocks for the whole account (cargo bay, etc).

    • Indeed I was on a podcast exactly once. My dirty secret is that I almost never listen to podcasts because they take WAY longer than reading. I find it frustrating to get information at the speed of human speech.

      • I spend a lot of time driving, and I follow multiple MMO’s, so I listen to a fair number of podcasts. I can’t read at all in the car, so the speed of human speech is faster than nothing. I do tend to focus more on podcasts that are entertaining than podcasts that primarily report the news without commentary, since the news will be old by the time someone records and posts a show about it.

        Now videocasts, I don’t understand. If I’m sitting in front of my computer, why would I watch a show about a game when I could be playing the game instead?