As always, welcome to another installment of “holy shit, I can’t believe they’re wearing that” – dye and cat edition.

First up, we learn why we should limit the dyes that bioware comes up with.


Really, BW? Would that color scheme look good on any outfit?

And next, we have the train wreck that I could not stop staring at and screenie-ing: the cathar in a bikini.  It’s so… furry.

catkini catkini2
catkini3 catbutt

Um… um… I just don’t even.  Friends don’t let friends display furry butts.

Finally, we have a reader submission from Shintar!  Guys, if you want to submit to the hall of shame, you are more than welcome!

Bad Fashion Chiss

It was smart of the blueberry to hide his face because, yech, that outfit!


The Ugly Side to Dyes and Cats — 6 Comments

  1. The first one looks like they must be a University of Washington Huskies fan :/

  2. Is this a bad time to mention that my operative is wearing Karagga’s hat? Because I’m never taking it off, even if I someday appear in your hall of shame. It may be shameful, but it’s spectacularly shameful…although I did go with a muted purple and black chestpiece rather than adopt the goldie purple dye above to match the hat exactly. Even I have my limits…

    • The *shame*! Actually, I really like Karagga’s hat as “intentional absurdity”.

  3. I actually don’t think the first picture is that bad… The yellow goes nicely with the tinge of his skin!

    That Cathar in a bikini is going to give me nightmares though.

    (And yay for reader submissions! ;))