When Makeb launches, a big reset button has been pressed.  Everyone’s gonna have to get to 55, and everyone’s going to have to completely re-gear.  It will be a bit easier to get a jumpstart if you start out with the superawesomemegapwn (TM) gear of this tier, but it’s not required.


Now, for me, do I still want to be a sentinel?  I have a scoundrel and a gunslinger at 50, plus a merc on the sithie side.  My boring consular is at level 41 with a month of double-xp weekends looming.1  I could conceivably change my main by simply leveling one of my other toons to 55 first, even if they are geared like crap, because I’ll have to re-gear no matter what.  No muss, no fuss, no extra effort on my part or the part of my guildies.

Of course, I could just change my outfit…

Are you planning to make any changes for the expansion?

  1. Having said that, I spent the first double xp weekend ogling fashion and shopping.


An Expansion Is A Great Time To Start Over — 1 Comment

  1. Believe it or not, I’m making the change to full-on Republiciosity. I’ve had my fill of the Sith, but my Reps come first this time. Oh, how Keeper would be so devastated if it was found out …