A Second 50 (No, I Will Not Heal Your Raid) — 8 Comments

    • I’m as surprised as anyone! Especially since I had a lot of trouble with the DPS output of this toon and the squishiness of companions… I plan to hang on the space station, heal flashpoints, and generally ignore everything else.

  1. Grats! I am absolutely nowhere near 50 on my alt . . . and I have no idea if she’ll ever get there.

    In our guild raids, the issue usually isn’t “not enough healers”. The issue is usually “too many healers.” I haven’t tried any dps offspecs, so I’m sort of stuck . . . healing or substandard damage . . . Hmmmm.

  2. Gratz I need to catch up! My second guy is only in his 20’s. Just keep it real and tell those healing jerks to keep you topped up 🙂

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