A little while ago I asked Santa Bioware for a few totally reasonable things, including a problem that was plaguing me for some time: color matching in the preview window (or rather lack thereof).  Well Santa Bioware obviously thinks I haven’t been THAT naughty this year, because this gem was in today’s patch notes (Thanks @jasporDH for telling me):

The preview window no longer ignores Unify Color settings.

I won’t have to make a COPY of every item (or BUY it) and then bind it to me to see how it matches – I can just preview it!  Undignified squealing commencing… now!


Preview Window Made Awesome (Undignified Squealing!) — 7 Comments

  1. Santa must know how bad you’ve been – they added the preview for unify color. But broke it on your actual companions. Hello new bug – companion’s are rainbow colored again!!

  2. I read that note this morning before work and immediately thought of you, I was waiting for this post to hit 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about the companion thing yet. That sucks.