Customer Service “currently only offer[s] support for class story missions” — 14 Comments

  1. Is that the one that isn’t with the rest of Loot? It’s up the stairs behind Kilran’s last stand, or something like that.

    I did both factions and can’t keep straight which was which looking back now.

    Regardless, that’s a pretty awful response.

  2. My buddy who also happens to be our GM had the same issue, he completed all the gathering (I know because I helped him) and when we went to finish lo and behold he is missing a few items. So he enters a ticket and he gets the same response as you. So after trying everything he could he resets the mission and has to do the whole thing over again. Man he was pissed, on the bright side I got to hear him bitch and whine for 2 days about how Bio just basically told him to go screw himself. LOL good times.

  3. I vote for the ‘stubborn’ path. They frelled it up… let Them fix it. Start a petition – I’ll sign it. I’m still pissed at SOE’s crappy CS and not highly impressed with Bio’s thus far.

    On a side note, would you mind if I linked this article to our guildsite? I think this is an important bug that people should be aware of.

    Damn… now I’m paranoid. I need to check my toon when I get home to see if ‘I’ got the loyalty thingy. I don’t want to kill Kilran again. That would just be redundant. 🙂

  4. I agree that that’s a very weird argument. I can get that this particular problem might not be something they can offer support for, but the reasoning is way off.

    Though as a slight aside, I do think the HK storyline is a bit odd in that it feels like it’s somewhere between personal story and world mission, so it’s a bit unclear which set of unwritten rules it should obey.

  5. I think I’d heard of this before, but I thought it didn’t happen if you did that piece last?

    On the plus side, the PUG group-finder is very likely able to help you with this particular mission. On the downside, I’m actually trying out the daily hardmode tour for the first time and roughly 50% of my missions are to one of the two zones required by the HK quest.

  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles. In case you decide to go again I’m planning on doing the quest chain tonight on my Shadow(tank). I’ll be on @8:30 PM EST. Just message me on Liann if interested. FYI: I haven’t started the chain yet so I will need to visit the crash site first to get it started. You can come with or not – i’m pretty sure I can solo it on her. =)

    • I’m pretty sure the guildies are doing Maelstrom tonight. Having said that, real life is kicking my butt and may prevent me from giving a fuckcrap about in-game quests. Although he wasn’t hurt, someone ran a red light and T-boned my husband’s car which is likely totaled. Cry. Dealing with that has been incredibly time-consuming!

      • So sorry to hear that! Glad he wasn’t hurt though. I understand the time required and the frustrations in the aftermath of that though. Good luck w/ things!!

  7. I ran HM MP again with a different toon last night and almost thought it happened to me. I went up the stairs and clicked the box, it opened and nothing happened, I didn’t get the part. I mentally start preparing my nerd rage but then I changed the angle of the camera to look into the box and there’s a click-able item inside the now open box. After clicking the item, I got the part and all was once again well with the world.

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