To: Santa Bioware, North Pole Austin

From: Me

Dear Santa Bioware,

I’ve been really good this year and have not given anyone negative fifty dkp minus, even when they probably deserved it.  Here is a list of my totally reasonable demands … I mean requests.  I’m not saying that the Taun Faun gets the chop if my demands aren’t met, nooooo.

Server Transfers.  This needed to happen yesterday.1  What would be well-received by the community is if you gave free transfers based on the months subscribed, kind of like the planned free name changes for subscribers.  Let’s say 1 character server transfer for every 3 months of subscription? (Past and going forward.)  Then additional transfers via cartel coins.  People would love this so much.  People would say nice things about it.  Even the haters.

After-the-fact Character Recustomization.  I don’t care if I have to pay cartel coins for every stinkin hairdo change, or if I have to change it via an out-of game interface, like the char select screen.  I want it.  People will pay for it.  The more options that can be changed (not JUST hair) the better.  For example, people may want to species change their toons so that all members of the legacy “family” are the same species.  I know that I’d change my cyborg smuggler into a Zabrak to “match” my main now that I’ve settled on a theme.

Preview Match To Chest.  Things color match differently.  I crafted almost every medium armor pair of boots and gloves for both synthweaving and armormech to match with a certain shirt.  It was impossible to know which color would be picked up in the boots, or part of the boots, or whether they would not change at all.  Please, let us preview the color matching so we don’t have to try things on and bind them to us, only to discover they look horrid when matched.

Better UI Customization (Hots, Dots, and Debuffs).  I am sick to death of croaking because I could barely see the debuff on me. When we have 2 sages in the raid, they can’t tell whose dot is still on the boss and whose has dropped off.  Let me individually adjust buffs and debuffs so I’m not squinting at the screen going “what the flip is that picture?”2

Macros. Mouseover macros, and the kind where you can pop items/abilities that aren’t on the GCD before an ability.  Do you know what a pain in the butt flechette round is?  A big pain.

Better Companion Customization.  There are a few things wrong with companion customizations.

  • In a word: fugly.  Yes, fugly.  We need more options or more mix-and-match options (like at character creation.)  If I’m trying to get rid of Doc’s facial hair, I don’t need the majority of the companion options to also have even uglier facial hair.
  • It is a pain in the butt to find and buy customizations.  There’s a vendor here, a vendor there, and most importantly, the vendors are two planets after you get the companion.  This means you get more and more attached to their default look the longer they have it, and the less likely you are to be receptive to a change.  Or you stop what you’re doing, fly to a way high level planet, just to find a stupid vendor, and then get the hell out of there.  We all want individuality and credit sinks, right?  Just put all the customizations on one vendor, and put that vendor on the fleet already.

Inquisitor Scars Unlock.  You can unlock every option of every race now, via cartel market or legacy.  You can’t unlock the decorative sith inquisitor scar options.  Pretty please?

Just put all the things in the stocking, thanks.  No Taun Fauns were harmed in the making of this list… yet.

XOXO, me.

  1. Mostly because I don’t want to listen to the QQ anymore.  I don’t personally have a damn thing to transfer.
  2. See, I said flip.  Santa is proud I swore less.


Dear Santa Bioware — 10 Comments

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  2. You forgot something very important.

    Color and Better Outfits! We need to be able to dye our armor or change the color. I am sick of grey and brown! Would LOVE clothing women would actually wear. Can you say Queen Amidala outfits?

    PLEASE, pretty please, Santa BioWare!

    Great letter! 🙂

  3. definitely agreed on most of these! I would love more companion customization options! and mouseover macros. Or macros of any kind really. I miss macros.

  4. Please god yes to the re-customizations. My first toon has (seriously I can’t believe I did this) a soul patch. A soul patch! I hate him so much now. I can’t even tell you.

    Also – preview color match is a must-have. I tricked out my Guardian and color matched to my dark blue chest piece and his pants turned TEAL. TEAL! To this day I have no idea where the teal came from.

    • Yeah, the gray-and-black shirt that I picked up on the cartel market turned my boots and gloves RED. Now, I like red, but if it’s just boots and gloves and no red whatsoever in the pants, well, I’m thinking it’s a little silly. I am currently using charcoal-color boots un-color-matched. (Will post screenies later.)

  5. Does it make me a bad person if I’m happy for them to delay server transfers, race changes etc. for as long as possible? I understand why people want them, but… I’ve kind of been liking the consistency in the game world as it is right now. I’m not looking forward to having people randomly disappear from my friends list or acquaintances suddenly becoming unrecognisable.

    I’m in favour of more UI customisation and macros though, even though I’ve got quite used to how it is right now. Mostly I’m just hoping that introducing these extra options might serve to calm down the people perpetually asking for add-ons.

    • The biggest reason for server transfers is the people whose guild imploded (so a lot of people) and who found a new guild on another server, but then had to level up from scratch. I’d like people to be able to grab their old 50’s and bring them into the fold, since these are just wasted resources languishing on another server.

  6. LOL. Right on, Njessi!

    I would just be happy with transfers and a new hairdo. 😉

    Let’s GO Biowarians. Pick up the Pace!

  7. The debuffs, as a healer those damn debuffs and not being able to see them just pisses me off.

    • I know right? I miss Wow + grid where I could make the whole dang health bar light up technicolor if the person had some ick that I could cleanse. The ONLY way I know to make the debuffs and buffs slightly reasonable is to increase the scale of the ENTIRE UI and then resize each individual item back to normal size (but the debuffs would stay big). That is a colossal pain in the ass, and possibly would not help much. After all, it still doesn’t FILTER debuffs. We all get the debuff “you just got bubbled, no more bubbles for YOU” pretty regularly in the normal course of play and it’s a big fat waste to be seeing that as a debuff, and thinking “aaaa must clean… oh never mind”.

      And this is the biggest reason why I’m playing DPS in this game. The end.