Um, crap.  Free to play.  Hrm.

So far, I don’t know much.  I am clearly keeping my subscription because Raids – I mean Ops, totally ops – are on the subscription model, and HELL NO, I am not giving up my raiding.  And, since the guild is built around raiding, probably the rest of them are gonna keep subscribing too.

But… still… I have some concerns.  Or annoyances.  Whatever.

  • Is it going to be a real pain in the ass when you have a subscription and someone else in your group does not?  Like “sorry, would love to help you, but…”
  • Will this increase the immature asshattery in general chat by a ZILLION percent?
  • Will people who raid right now choose to forego raiding instead of paying for it?  (Argh! Will I have to recruit?!)
  • Am I going to be spending more money on this damn game because I’ll need to spend weird-ass coins at the e-store in addition to my subscriber fee?  They say the coins buy things that are just cosmetic, but I live for just cosmetic!

Therefore I have a list of totally reasonable demands for Bioware.  That they’ll never read.  Oh well.

  • New Hairdos.  Immediately.  The choices for Zabraks are pathetic.
  • A barber shop.  So we can implement these new hairdos.  DUH.
  • More character slots.  I’m paying.  Would 4 extra slots kill you?
  • Can we wear sith clothes already?  COME ON!  I’m sure some of the sith would also like to wear republic clothes – haha no, I lied.
  • Oh right and one more thing: FFS FIX THE BUGS!  Paying for a buggy game is so “Star Wars Galaxies.”

How are y’all dealing with F2P?


Free To Play, Because Everyone Else Is Talking About It And What The Hell Else Should I Talk About? — 5 Comments

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  2. I’m dealing with it … poorly. I alternate between intense bouts of crying, shitting myself, and mumbling incoherently. Other times, I seem almost normal and positive; F2P isn’t the end of the game, right? I mean, it’s a new beginning, right?

    Then I start with the crying and the shitting and the mumbling.

    So yeah, I’m handling it poorly.

  3. Will people who raid right now choose to forego raiding instead of paying for it?

    I do have to confess that it has at least crossed my mind. I do enjoy TOR’s raids, but my guild hasn’t really run any in a month due to losing a couple of key players and everyone being a bit apathetic. Yet at the same time I’m still enjoying the game just as much as I’m levelling alts and doing warzones.

    It does irk me that my sub would go from buying me access to a great game to buying me access to some perks that I may or may not use.

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