I’m not always on my crafter toon when I’m surfing the GTN.  How do I know what I already have?  The spreadsheet of DOOOOOOM!!  You too can have the spreadsheet of DOOOOM.  Just copy to a new google document and it’s all yours.  Then you can share it with your guildmates so they know what you can and can’t make.

A few points:

  • Republic-only recipes are blue, imp-only recipes are red, and recipes that everyone can wear are in green.
  • If you put “y” in a box, it turns green, like magic.
  • The outfit level is the level of the chest, legs, hat.  Boots and gloves sometimes are lower level.
  • I have grayed out things that I think don’t exist. But I could be wrong.
  • I have it sorted by type of armor then level, because that’s how it appears in my recipe book, but you can sort it however you want.

Happy recipe gathering!


Orange Synthweaving And Armormech Schematics: Tracking Spreadsheet — 8 Comments

  1. This is great! I just started crafting on my alt and was looking for something exactly like this!!! Any chance you’ll be adding the other profession items?

    • I’m way too lazy to add professions that I don’t have… maybe if I level an alt with a different profession.

      • That is a SNAZZY spreadsheet. Very professional. You even have the UT level! And, to make your life difficult, sometimes the boots (and occasionally gloves) are a few levels lower than the outfit and are on a different UT tier. Which makes me stabby.

        • Can’t take full credit – got the UT levels from Dulfy. It was her pre 1.3 checklist that gave me the inspiration. I’ve had very little luck getting the new schematics myself. Most of the ones I’ve gotten were either Synthweaving ones or Empire side Armormech ones. Helps my Trooper very little.

          Have you noticed that Armormech recipes seem to drop from Luxury Fabric missions and Synthweaving from Metals? Doesn’t that seem backwords?

          • I tend to send my idiots out for companion gifts because those are easy to get rid of. You can’t GIVE away luxury fabrics.

  2. Fantastic sheet! Now I can organize my recipes for my brand new Jedi Knight Synthweaver. Thanks, Njessi! If you weren’t such a bleeding-heart Pub, I’d hug you.