Gear Auditing the Minions — 10 Comments

  1. I was actually thinking about this only yesterday when I realised that my Sage had been 50 for ages and I’d done nothing to gear up her companions. I found that Tionese gear was a great and easy solution! It’s dirt cheap these days and you’ll quickly end up with lots of commendations and crystals to spare if you even run only a handful of hardmode flashpoints. And as an added bonus your minions will be nicely matched afterwards.

  2. And don’t forget that you can get lvl 50 weapons for your companions from one of the Belsavis Heroic Dailies.

    Also, lvl 50 blue gear can be purchased on the GTN at sometimes extremely cheap prices.

  3. As a trooper this is Insanely easy for me – Everyone is Heavy armor and Aim/End based. Get one set geared up good and just switch it out when I pull out said companion. Now granted they could be better – with specific mods for their specific rolls but that can come as we go along.

    Thanks to Njessi’s help this weekend all my crew is now running around in matching Armor! Now I’m spending time (and monies) filling them with appropriate mods.

    • if M14X doesn’t quite match your crew’s theme, there are companion customization kits for him from the security key vendor on the ilum orbital station. Trufax.

      • I didn’t think there were any in the game for him!! Wow thanks good news!! Honestly I partially went with what I did because it matched his default look. I do seriously like the Lacq Mesh and think it’s one of the best sets in game. The only deterrent to it is the silly helmet.

  4. When both my toons hit 50 their primary companion changed. Romily (scoundrel) had mostly run with Corso to tank for her, but since she’s practically useless as a solo toon she never ever does dailies alone. For that reason I geared out Risha (easy to gear because she can wear my handmedowns) to be my DPS bot. Josselin (dps sage) leveled up with Tharan Cedrax, but she doesn’t really NEED a healer anymore, so she’s also gearing out Nadia – for the same reason I chose Risha… whoo! Handmedowns!

    So I wound up with two not-so-horridly geared companions per character. For Romily it’s a tank and a ranged dps, for Joss it’s a healer and a melee dps. It’s a good mix. 🙂

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