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    • Tomorrow is the big night for the cats! After a vet visit to make sure new kitten is cured of The Ick, we can safely introduce them.

  1. Okay, you’re a lawyer.

    Not surprised, but then again, not unsurprised either. We gamers come from all walks of life.

    As for the motion sick part, I haz a soulmate. I can’t play a First Person Shooter for getting headachy and queasy, and an instance such as WoW’s old Shadowfang Keep get me headachy too.

    And as for the “lawyer outfit” at work, that only makes sense. If you’ve ever had food or coffee spilled on you and you have to stand up and present, that sucks in the worst sort of way. And the leg shaving thing, that only makes sense too. Now that I’ve got three women in the house who all shave, I can attest to how much that sucks. (Particularly with a) the griping about said shaving, and b) our water bill.)

    • Last year there was a movie called Echo. It was filmed all jerky camera. Kiddo loved it. I almost yakked and had to spend the last half of the movie with my eyes closed. After which, I bolted from the theater to the restroom and took the big stall, since I couldn’t imagine being in a small, stinky space after almost-yakking. When I came out, there was a woman in a wheelchair waiting, giving me dagger eyes. Sigh.

      • I feel your pain.

        I used to grit my teeth through IMAX films, with the sole exception of the space movies: Destiny in Space I could watch for hours because there was entirely composed of smooth camera shots of the shuttle and the exterior of space.

        I was able to stomach my way through one 3D film (The Desolation of Smaug) mainly because the last part of the film spent a lot of time in the greyness of Erebor.

        • Ugh, 3D movies are the worst. My family has a no-3D rule.

          However, it should be noted, for all you budding geneticists out there, that little Jedi can READ in the car for HOURS without getting sick. Unpossible. Even my husband eventually gets queasy. I look at my phone for 30 seconds to type in an address for the GPS and already feel like I’m going to lose it.

  2. I’ve heard it (and agree) said that cats are 5 ends pointy, 1 end stinky (if you’re lucky).

    Our feisty kitten (who would have a go with the milk bottle with all 4 paws to try and disembowel it, when he was still being bottle-fed) grew into a moderately feisty cat, who is *slowly* learning manners. The older boy would rather ignore him and hope he goes away.

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