[Spoilers] Koth And Bothered — 4 Comments

  1. Boys right? – Your little Jedi anecdotes are awesome. Unrelated, that goggles pic is still one of my favorite Simpsons moments ever. I have yet to get a non-instant 60 through the game so apparently I’m missing out on all these mails from old flames. One of these days I will summon the motivation to level a pre-existing toon from 50ish to 60 so I can get my dear john letter on.

    • Last night I did one story mode group finder ops and went from level 60 to level 63.9. If you want a quick trip to 60, that’s the ticket.

  2. I hardly ever pick any flirt options when playing my own characters. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the option to experience them vicariously through you.

    • Sometimes I have to *make* myself choose the [flirt] – because it feels weird and unnatural, but if I don’t, I’ll close off that part of the story that I wanted to see. As I’ve seen, a single not-flirt choice may very well cut off an entire romance in its tracks, just because your character was in a snit over one thing. So despite the feeling that it was completely unnatural to flirt whilst one’s guts are leaking out, I chose the [flirt] anyway, for the greater good of the future.

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