Hall Of Shame: Weird Names Edition — 15 Comments

  1. “Space frog” Made me lol. You should drop by the Harbinger some time. I’ve actually seen some really great looking toons wandering the fleet, along with all the usual flashers and bikini models. Oh, and a I saw a Skadge wearing nothing but a loincloth the other day.


    • Outlaw boots maybe? Or the exposed extrovert set has some nice thigh high boots. Ditto the Thana Vesh set. You could check Tor fashion for other ideas.

  2. Something tells me that TImelord Lord spends waaaay to much time watching Doctor Who.

    …says the girl with a Sith Lord named Rassilon

  3. The gavnopants pic seems to have a Power Girl look going, if you take the bottoms and combine it with the top to a single tank top.

    Of course, thankfully, it doesn’t have Power Girl’s boob window, but that actually makes it an improvement.

    You know, I pimped your Hall of Shame. Too bad you can’t take non-SWTOR entries, because I certainly have a few I could have screen shot….

      • At first I thought that Wildstar was merely being ignorant or giving basic decency the middle finger as far as how the female toons look, but after having played it for a day or so I tend to think otherwise.

        The Exiles side of the game has a heavy dose of, well, Texas to it. Plus a LOT of Bugs Bunny thrown in for good measure: just look at how the toons run, er… hop along. They remind me of how some of those horses in the 50s/60s era Bugs Bunny cartoons would run. And the cartoon artwork is so outlandish that I find it hard to take the game seriously. If you told me that a toon would blow up like a balloon later on in the game, I wouldn’t be shocked at all; the game is that over the top.

        Which is a bit of a problem given that you start the game on the Dominion side interrogating and torturing potential Exiles.

          • Confession time: I saw the Chua and my first thought was…. “Ch-ch-ch-Chua pet!”

            Then I went through the Dominion intro… That Chua doctor would give an Apothecary or a Sith Sorcerer a run for their money.

          • I’m avoiding dominion side for now, because I’ll be over there after launch, so I might as well see those hippie dippie exiles in beta.

  4. The white-gold outfits aren’t *terrible*. I mean, they’re not great, but I wouldn’t say they’re on the same level as the rest of the pics.

  5. I’m sorry, but Count Chokula is great! I’d justify it by the giggling he’d hear in VOIP. Could you really call someone Chokula without laughing every time?

    I think Spacefrog is a reference to the appearance of the Twilek species. First thing that came to my mind anyway.

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