Healing Again (Again) — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not surprised that Sorc healing clicked for you. Personally I think it’s the closest you can get to WoW’s priest in terms of play style, so as someone who used to be a WoW priest for years I had the same experience with my Sage and Sorc as you… it just comes naturally. Still love my Commando the most though, simply because troopers rock. 🙂

    • The force management is actually not that bad and I find it gives me more flexibility. With operative, because I have to stay above 4 pips of regen, my resource management is basically in a cycle of 2-3 casts. It can take 3 casts to dig myself into a hole. So sustainable healing revolves around 2-3 cast combos, unless you are in a burst phase and plan to use an adrenaline probe.

      For a sorcerer, force management is on a far longer timeline. If you fail to tap health after getting your stacks, you can probably make it up a little later, and you’re not “in the hole” with your regen shot.

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