Patch 2.7 According To Me — 14 Comments

  1. Woe…. they’re taking the RNG procs out of madness??? That means my assassin will perform better in madness???!!! I love these changes! Don’t understand the changes to the juggernaut threat dump, but that’s me.

    • I didn’t see anything in the changes about assassins. The sorc madness changes affect the Wrath buff that is procced by force lightning. The sin doesn’t really have an equivalent.

      If they are taking the RNG out of sorc, maybe they will take it out of sin, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • There is a somewhat equivalent for sin, it’s Raze. Like Wrath, it affects Crushing Darkness, making it instants, but since it can’t affect Lightning Srike (no such thing for sins), it also reset the CD on Crushing Darkness. The main difference thought is the trigger, it’s not on Force Lightning but on melee attacks while the main dot is active. For Madness that means Trash and Saber Strike.

        So they could make the same change for sins, that each melee attack gives you a stacking buff and that when you get 2 of ’em you trigger Raze’s current effect. But it isn’t included in what has been mentioned so far.

        • The assassin version seems pretty similar to the mechanic for annihilation marauders, and nobody seems inclined to change that. So probably it stays.

  2. My sorc’s abilities shoot through the roof with this patch. The Polarity Shift / Force Barrier buffs massively improve pvp abilities, and the removal of RNG -really- helps the rotation. I can’t wait for this patch to hit.

  3. Yeah that change to uh/ta is going to be a killer both to op’s mobility (they’ll need to do more hard casts) and to their ability to salvage bad situations. I suppose that’s good because it means that players have to be good enough to not get into those situations, but I’m not that good and there have been multiple bosses I have prevented a wipe on because of that spamable emergency med pack. Time to get more alacrity on gear while attempting to get better. Still pretty sucky when you don’t trust the other healer.

  4. Oh noes! Smuggler/Ops will have to stand and channel sometimes.

    Like the other two healer classes.

    QQing about this will not get much sympathy from Commando/Merc or Sage/Sorc healers, that’s for sure.

    • Well that’s a friendly reply full of thought provoking insight and detail. Each healer has it’s strengths. Ops was being able to touch up people or provide last minute support. Our healing is built around ta/uh to prevent going oom. This will impact that in some situations. Sorcs have bubble and area heal (and other stuff I’m sure, but I never really took to healing on my sorc like my guildies did). From what I’ve read, merc/mandos are doing pretty well after 2.6 (again, i don’t play one, but I’ve read good things from folks). At any rate, we’ll have to see what comes down the pipe when it actually launches.

      FYI, the main reason I don’t like this change is because I don’t run with pros, and so last ditch healing is sometimes essential when other healers have some skill/knowledge issues or dps stand in bad(again skill/knowledge). I could fix that by going elsewhere, but that’s not really how I roll. All I can do is ask our existing healers to point out ways to improve as a sorc or merc healer and hope they stick, while counseling dps on fight mechanics. Again, I love my folks, but in other guilds, some of them would be sitting.

      • And not only will the squishy DPS die, but then they will need an out-of-combat stealth rez… I have yet to perfect that skill because you can’t have any hots rolling on ANYONE when you disappear.

        • Oh, maybe I’m dumb but I didn’t realize that was what was doing it. Every time I was not able to do it, there was a bit of aoe that would (I think) hit me. It could have been a uh/ta grant though. At any rate, what grinds my gears is when someone who has mained a conceal op since launch says “what?!” when I tell him to stealth rez someone. Really, as long as they don’t remove that, I’ll probably still roll healing op/scoundrel when it comes to healing and/or end game. Just too many times where that stealth rez is vital (kind of like sub 30% free healing). There are certainly going to be a lot more dead dps in 2.7.

  5. Well, operative healing has been neutered now. When you dont have the raw HPS to keep someone (usually a smishy dps) up, it REALLY helps to be able to fish for emergency probe crits.

    The whole reason we HAVE the mobility while healing sorcs dont (with mercs in bettween) is because we dont have their level of throughput. sorcs lay ginourmous heals and have fabulous aoe, while mercs are still strong in their own right and have the badass reactive healing of kolto shell. its a delicate balance that has been disrupted, and im quite sure progression runs will boot operatives now. just like extra marauders.

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