Life Day Screenshot Contest — 4 Comments

      • I saw it the day it was broadcast, being all of 8 at the time. Ye gods, it was so bad I tried to forget it even existed.

        That said, it wasn’t the worst of those “specials” to come out from the 70s. I think that falls to the Paul Lynde Halloween Special, starring Paul Lynde (known mostly for the Hollywood Squares television show), Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch of the West), Tim Conway, Florence Henderson, Billy Barty, Betty White, and KISS. Even Donny and Marie Osmond couldn’t save that show, and I know this because my wife decided to rent it one day, thinking “It CAN’T be that bad.”

        Oh yes it was.

  1. That’s nifty! Unfortunately I can’t participate myself as I’m in the EU and away from my gaming PC over Christmas, but I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions!

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