Hindsight Is 20/20: Revisiting Class Stories — 11 Comments

    • At this point, all except trooper. But I leveled with my husband while he did trooper, so I’ve SEEN it. My own trooper is languishing on Tattooine since I defected to the empire.

      • I just finished Tatooine on my new trooper. I’ve seen parts of it when my wife leveled one. So far it’s pretty unimpressive, but I think chapter II gets better. Luckily he’s fun to play, so seeing the story again doesn’t bother me.

  1. I did the opposite and played my powertech evil, but this makes me think I shouldn’t play my merc nice.

    My female scoundrel was way too trusting, so I made sure my gunslinger was a little more wary. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to prevent betrayal, so my male scoundrel just might have to go dark.

  2. Ah finally, a place of like minds. A fashionable place. While I main an Operative healer (Tellar Babel, chiss female) on Shadowlands (who looks in my oppinion fantastic without resorting to skankwear. dont just ban the overuse of bikinis, ban the overuse of all skankwear! wish i could figure out how to screenie and load it up so i could show you guys)i have been leveling a powertech tank (Marrene Babel, cathar female) and JUST cleared ch1 (spending 400k on fashion as a reward to myself) i dont expressly play any character light or dark. i do what makes sense at the time so im hovering around 1500 alignment, but i killed the padawan. no loose ends coming for revenge dammit, learned THAT on Tellar.

    Also have a commando who cleared Ch1 as well. A certain someone refused to be taken alive at the end, though I’m pretty sure theres a way.-. tatooine is underwhelming, but alderaan is worse. balmorra is okay so far though so just hang in there!.

    side note: an entire chapter cleared and not one BSOCK for either of them. NOT ONE. males sleep their way around the galaxy, and females barely even flirt, what the crap? tell me im not the only one to notice.

    • Seriously, the skankwear! The thing is – the dyes and new armor is supposed to allow people to express their individuality and create diversity, but it ends up creating a uniform brothel. The people who are NOT wearing the teeny bikinis actually stand out more and get far more attention from me. Just last night I saw someone wearing a new variant of the Visas Marr outfit (red parts dyed light brown) which I never would have thought of in a million years, but it WORKED.

      After doing all the classes on a female toon (except trooper, which I only got to mid 20’s), I will say that there are definitely fewer opportunities for random BSOCK for female toons. Obviously agents and smugglers have more love interests because that’s part of their… character. But as a female JK or JC there were no random BSOCK options (I can’t speak to trooper, but I didn’t see any so far). My SW and BH were similarly cheated, but my inquisitor got to bsock a fellow sith – that plot point actually came back later.

      There are no female toons with 2 eligible love interests (Tharan making passes doesn’t count) whereas smuggler, sith warrior, and agent males have the option of 2 eligible females on the ship (well, Jaesa light isn’t, but Jaesa dark IS).

      As for random NPC’s outside the class story, I’ve only encountered one in the pre-Makeb world: the dude quest giver for the nar shad bonus series. In the post-makeb world, they seem to be anxious to add in as much SGR as they can – My SW managed to BSOCK the (female) quest giver on the fleet that sends you to Czerkaland (or maybe Oricon – it was on the operations ship – not the main fleet.)

      As you can see, I take my BSOCK quite seriously, and want BSOCK gender equality!

      • Yes, BSOCK equality for all genders! And classes too (stupid celibate Consulars)!Except agents and smugglers. They deserve their position at the top, pun intended.

        I wouldn’t object to a set of Winged Hawtpants for my (male Zabrak, fantastic hair – republic really misses out there) Marauder either. I’m male, I’m straight, but I think it’s only fair that I get to objectify my men as much as the women. Also its a mankini with little speeder wing looking bits. Wings make EVERYTHING cooler.

  3. As a lifelong Star Wars lore nerd, I’ve been playing my BH according to the Mandalorian code, which has resulted in my alignment sitting at Neutral (same for my Agent, who does whatever is best for the Empire whether it’s Light or Dark). *Mild Spoilers* This resulted in me sparing the Padawan the first time (As she wasn’t a threat), but killing her when she attacked on Quesh. So I only ever had her show up again once.

    I prefer playing like that – making decisions based on a character rather than choosing all Light or all Dark – but the only problem is, it leaves me lost as to how to play the -second- character to see everything. I mean, at least if you pick all Light on a character you know your second is going all Dark – how the hell do you do it when you’re Neutral?

    • I’m a big fan of neutrality too, so for some characters, I would be at an utter loss as to how to make sure I got a different experience.

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