Competition for NPC Affections — 3 Comments

  1. Haha, this is hilarious. I also did the storyline on Makeb with my boyfriend, but I let him win the flirt options. After all, I’m playing one of those asexual the-force-is-everything-for-me consulars – good for him!

    • Yeah my knight is morally ambiguous, and being badder by the day as she tries to raise HK’s affection without buying him yet more presents. A few flirts won’t matter much in the Jedi Code violations department since there are so many.

  2. However, we’re dealing here, on both sides, with a love interest who is part of the planet story, not class story. How is that going to work?

    There are actually a few opposite gender non-class-story romance options out there already. Not a ton, but a few. I know of at least one Empire side, anyway, and I think there are a scarce few others.

    The lines for the flirt-er are the same for both male and female player-toons, and they just don’t sound right from my toon. They sound like cheesy, overly-confident, pretty obnoxious, practically-aggressive pick-up lines.

    Well, that’s disappointing. The class story flirt options have always seemed fairly in-character. And even the one not-in-class BSOCK I know of, the flirts didn’t seem out of character (which could mean they wrote different ones for different classes that time). Not that the flirt options don’t tend toward the cheesy anyway…

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