I Wrote A Jedi Sentinel Guide — 20 Comments

  1. I like how it says: “does not cover: levelling” on top, and then the first point of the content overview is “levelling”. 😉

    I know nothing about Sentinels really, but I do have to say: do not diss Transcendence like that! As someone whose main is a class with no speed increases whatsoever, a friendly Sentinel popping Transcendence has saved my butt many a time in raids (HM Kephess purple circle of doom, Kel’sara’s death beam in TFB etc.)

    • Ah, well leveling only gets a cursory overview. There are actual “leveling” guides out there, but this ain’t one of them.

      As for transcendence, hrm… I didn’t think any speed boost worked on Kelsara’s death beam victim. If it does work for that, I’m all over it. As for the circles of death, people should GTFO without my help. I don’t want to coddle them!

      • I wouldn’t call giving the entire group a speed boost to get out of Gift of the Makers coddling, I’d call it sound strategy. 😛 Basically, while I agree that Transcendence has limited use, it’s a very powerful utility skill when you do find occasions to apply it – and making everyone get out of the bad faster or towards the stuff to kill more quickly is useful more often than you’d think!

  2. Hey Njessi, long time reader, first time commenter. I enjoy your witty and sometimes scathing articles on fashion, but as I don’t usually have anything to add to them, I haven’t commented. I can proudly claim, however, that I have never purchased any metal bikini for my characters or my companions 😀

    On this Sentinel guide, since I actually have experience with the Sentinel (and in fact have a guide on my site as well), I thought I might comment on it.

    Overall, great guide. Like you said, it doesn’t cover PvP, so I can see why Zen and Inspiration are your favorite buffs, as Transcendence really hits its own in PvP. One thing to note is Transcendence is the only RAID-wide buff, as the other two are GROUP-wide. Transcendence is great for movement-heavy things, like Gharj, Operator IX, Kephess in TFB, etc.

    And…looking back at your guide, you have changed it since I read it initially lol. You basically said all the above stuff. Good on ya.

    Also, one should be careful using Zen in Juyo form on the Dark Council boss in EV, as it can debuff people because you are healing them. Fun fact 🙂

    The stat section is great, and that reminds me that I need to add that to my Sentinel Guide on my site. I also think that your guide does a great job talking about DoT clipping on Cauterize. I am sure a lot of people don’t really think about it, but it helps save resources and do maximum damage.

    On the stats, the adjusted Strength for Power swap in augments is true, but only at a certain Strength threshold. It should be noted too that Strength does not increase Surge, only crit and bonus damage.

    Also, great job pointing out the issue with latency with Blade Storm and Master Strike in Combat. In PvP, I prefer to use Blade Storm, then Master Strike, simply because we are never assured two attacks after getting the Precision Slash buff, but in PvE, it is definitely better to do Master Strike first. Interesting how rotation can change from PvE to PvP.

    Anyway, like I said, enjoyed it. I think, interestingly enough, my guide is far more weighted towards PvP than it is to PvE, while yours is definitely PvE-only. If you are interested in borrowing some things to put in your guide
    about PvP, then feel free to check mine out at

    If I may, I might just quote your section on stats and credit and link you appropriately, if that is alright. I haven’t decided. I may want to be more in depth on gearing (like which pieces to buy, etc).

    • Thanks for coming by! Yeah, I’ve been editing based on Reddit feedback all day, although they are like SHARKS out there. I learned about the council the hard way.

      Feel free to link to this guide or quote with a linkback for sections.

  3. Yeah reddit has some good folks but plenty of bags o dicks as well. I saw you mentioned noxxic and I thought I’d second the dude that’s noxxic is not a good site. It’s good for getting initial grips but both the official AC sub forums and mmo-mechanics dot com are better sources of info when you’re ready to dive into min maxing. Anyways, keep on truckin.

    • Thanks! Yeah, Noxxic has a good “baseline” but is seriously wrong on a few things. Nonetheless, there are very few updated resources, even on mmo-mechanics (sadpanda). I just see (now) that they actually have an updated compendium for watchman but, of course, it was not stickied! So I assumed it was old. Hell, the 1.2 stuff is still stickied =/

      • Ok, finally read the thread on a real pc. I like how people voted your not trolly responses down, or at least 1 person did since you had a lot of -1 and 0 scored posts. I upvoted ya. It’s really the most frustrating part of reddit where dumbholes vote down something that’s clearly correct or on topic for no apparent reason. I’m just glad you weren’t being critical of tor because you’d be at -1000 karma just from the one thread. At any rate, good guide and even better that mr. swordsman provides a pvp version so it’s a one stop shop for folks looking for sentinel info.

        Anyways, re mmo-mechanics, it really is hit and miss whether or not they have up to date info. Sadpanda indeed. Also, I’m glad someone else says sadpanda. Thanks again for posting in the manner that only Njessi does. Love your humor.

        • Thanks <3 you guys are the reason I write, not the dumbholes, as you put it.

          Besides, I take some sick satisfaction that they spent all that time and energy nerdraging that someone was WRONG ON THE INTERNET and I was far too busy catching up on back-episodes of Parks and Rec, or otherwise having a life, so the joke's on them.

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