I Stop Being Stubborn And Get HK-51 — 8 Comments

  1. Congrats – look forward to hearing your thoughts about HK! 😉 I had to run SM FE twice the other night to get the part from that mission. Didn’t drop the first time – so re-queued up for a second attempt and got it.

    • That’s funny because I had run FE *before* I even picked up the HK quest, and when I did finally pick up the HK quest, I discovered I had *2* of the stupid FE parts in my quest item tab. So these things never work quite right.

  2. Honestly, all of the Lonely Island/SNL shorts can possibly get you fired, they’re so NSFW. Well no, Threw it on the Ground would just confuse folks.

    I’m also looking forward to your thoughts on HK 🙂

    • I’ve already gotten some dark side points for agreeing that some organics just *need* to be deleted. He’s expensive to bribe, so it will be a while until I get to know him better. So far I just bribed him with level 1 and 2 gifts from the fleet, but now I have to start sending out the idiots for level 3+ gifts.

  3. HK is the best DPS companion in the game, bar none. He’ll self-heal a small amount, he doesn’t break CC even with all of his abilities enabled, and he’s pretty good at staying under the radar when it comes to threat. The ONLY disadvantage HK has is that you’re basically cap’d at level 51 armorings if you choose to use modifiable gear for him (yes, you could in theory use the 56 armorings from the Vanguard/Powertech off-hands, or you could have rank 26-27 armorings crafted for him…but ugh, expensive.)

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