Prevailing Through Space In the Name of Pants — 21 Comments

  1. woops, sorry Njessi. I’d probably come down on the Saberist look myself. But, the Dark Initiate one is also very nice. Saberist looks more “Military Adjutant Jedi Strike Team Leader” which appeals to me.

    • I can buy the saberist tunic and pants tonight and screenshot them on my female jedi so you can decide on whether or not you want to farm the comms up or would you prefer to get it yourself? I know that’s half the fun.

      • Oh I am going to get those pants regardless because they will go with SOMETHING if not the saberist tunic. Closet gathering FTW.

        • My toon over here feels so naked, rushing to 50 has left me without the massive stockpile of oranges i have on my original Val. But, hopefully by this weekend i’ll be able to start attacking the dailies to try and get myself geared up to a level that i can participate on raids with you guys. *crosses fingers*

          • I’m pretty sure there are NO raids this weekend considering the whole “holiday” thing. So you have a little time. Just a little!

    • Corsec pants actually match quite well with a lot of things. I’m having fun putting outfits together with them (as long as they don’t do that weird two-toned thing like they did with the gray shirt.)

        • Yeah, they are the same as the pants for 200 comms. I now have 120 comms. So if I can find the experimental pilot pants on the gtn, great, but I’m definitely not buying the entire set for the pants, considering that I’m pretty close to getting them via spaaaaace.

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