Preparing for Casual Raiding. I Mean Ops. Totally Ops. — 2 Comments

  1. You don’t really NEED augments to casually op it up. I’m saving my credits / time on augments for when my gear is a bit better pve-wise (my main is mix of rakata and columi with one bh piece), though I could probably start now. Would probably only augment my bh and rakata gear, since columi will be replaced the soonest. For pvp, I will be augmenting my bm gear, since wh takes awhile to get. The ROI is pretty good there. Then again, if you’ve nothing else to spend creds on, go to town. My issue I’m still leveling some toons, their crafting, and trying to stockpile consumables on my biochems (for use by my 4 50’s and my guild).

    Overall, nice guide, so to speak. Casually op’ing is quite possible as long as your guild either plays at the same times as you, or sets a regular schedule for ops. HM FP’s are fun, and with a guild premade, pretty much should guarantee 5bh comms a day if you work at it.

    A tip for “about to be 50’s.” Run Belsavis and Ilum dailies, starting at level 47. If you do both sets, then 2 days of full clears will be enough to get you to 49 if not 50. Also, the purple rewards from heroics are bind on equip. For me, this means I can hook a friend who’s a new 50 sorc up w/ an extra set of mods over what he would have gotten doing them solo. Bam, cut that “need to purple mod my gear” time in half, assuming you have a 50 of the same base class as him/her.

    Anyways, just curious on your thoughts about cost/benefit of augmenting prior to having super gear, and whether you’re the one working on the augment mats, supplying a guildie with mats, or just sticking to GTN purchases.

    • It really depends on (1) your budget (2) how soon you’re getting an upgrade and (3) whether you are keeping the “shell.” For example: the orange boots that you will never ever give up, yes, put an augment on those since you will be keeping the shell for a while. I wouldn’t put an augment on a piece of columi or lower gear UNLESS I didn’t think I was going to get an upgrade anytime soon. If I know my only decent earpiece upgrade is going to come from dailies, and I have like 4 commendations and need 100+, I’ll probably go ahead and augment what I have, since it will be a few weeks before I get the new one.

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